Skip Bayless: ‘I believe Jon Gruden is about to win a Super Bowl for the Oakland Raiders’

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Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Jenny Taft why he believes Jon Gruden will lead the Oakland Raider to a Super Bowl, citing the charisma and intangibles in terms of locker room leadership of the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach as motivating factors for his future success.

- I believe Jon Gruden is about to win a Super Bowl for the Oakland Raiders. I believe he'll be worth every penny. I think he'll look back at $10 million, and if, in fact, it's true, some ownership stake as cookie jar money, as pennies paid for a coach. Because if he can do what I think he can for this team, then it could be $20 million. If an owner, right now, could be guaranteed this coach will win you a Super Bowl, let's say, within three years, wouldn't you pay him $20 million?

- Yeah, Cincinnati wouldn't.

- No, but a lot of them would.

- But Jerry, absolutely. Well, Mr. Kraft probably playing close to that now, because it's hard for me to believe that somebody, when Coach Belichick as a head coach and the general manager, he's going to make [INAUDIBLE]. But that's neither here nor there.

Of course you would, Skip Bayless. Think about Peyton Manning, what they gave him. His job was to get to. Now, he won the Super Bowl in his fourth year. But that almost $100 million was money well spent because the stadium was always sold out. The memorabilia and paraphernalia flew off the shelves. So it was worth $100 million that they paid Peyton Manning over those four years. You can play Jon Gruden, he gets you to a Super Bowl and win it, oh, yeah, that's chump change.

- By the way, my Paper Mate is going to go up for auction after the show for $3 million. I'm going to go--

- It ain't worth it!

- $3 million because this is my pen! It's a Paper Mate. And it's going to be even worth more because it's mine.

- But what happens when it runs out of ink?

- It will pretty quickly.

- Exactly. See, I've got refillables. I've been throwing three refillables for it.

- You win there.

- So back to what just happened. I believe Tampa, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, used to be Mr. Glazer's team, now owned by the sons, run by the sons-- I believe they just made a huge mistake. Because I think their team is a little closer to winning a Super Bowl than the Raiders are.

And in all my time of being around coaches-- and I was around Coach Gruden when he coached the Raiders. And I was around Jimmy Johnson when he coached the Cowboys. Those are the two who could create an instant force field unlike any I had ever experienced. It's short term. It's high burnout. It's extreme energy that can turn on you as well as ignite you. But in both cases, the spark of it, the electricity of it is unlike anything I ever experienced in any other sport, from any other coach.

And Gruden pulled it off in two places. He pulled it off with the Raiders because they had quite a little three-year run, for sure, a two-year run, because you saw them face-to-face in the AFC Championship game in 2000. And John Gruden's team ran into what just might be the greatest ever run by Ray Lewis. And it was 16 to 3, thanks in large part, a long touchdown catch where Oakland blew it, the two wrong routes.

- Well, you got his back at the four-yard line. You're third and 18. Why would you blitz? Skip, just play coverage. Get off the field. You're going to punt. Because all we tried to do is make them get a quick throw so we can give our punter, Kyle Richardson, the full 13 yards so he could punt the ball. Why would you blitz in that situation?

- I don't know, but you made him pay. What was it? So it was 80--

- 96.

- I mean, 96 yards, yeah.

- See how long we can play out here. That's the longest play from scrimmage in NFL history in the postseason. You know they've been playing football 98 years in the NFL? And somebody better not break it either.

- OK, so it was your fault that John Gruden lost that game. And then they turned right around, and in the divisional game the next year, they got tuck ruled in the snow in Foxboro, 16 to 13 in overtime. That's how close he came twice. Because that team was probably a little better than the New England team that did go on to win the Super Bowl.

Again, is Jon Gruden better than Bill Belichick? Probably not.

- They had a better chance in that divisional game. There is no way, Skip, unless they got to pick six or a scooping score, they were going to ever score a touchdown against that defense.

- OK, so then, obviously, he gets traded after that game, in the offseason to Tampa because Al Davis just couldn't stand him. Because they were at each other's throat every other practice, after practice. And I witnessed a couple of them. And they were shocking. They would scream in each other's faces because he's short term. He's going at it so hard that after a while, he's going to turn on everybody, and everything's going to turn back on him.

But early on, the energy from it, the ignition of it, and it worked with a veteran-loaded football team that Tony Dungy had taken step-by-step and gotten to a championship game, but lost 11 to 6, I believe, that St. Louis in '99, with Shaun King at quarterback. And that spark that John brought to a very good football team, loaded with some Hall-of-Famers, it took it right over the top. And then he was able to go up against the team he knew the best, the Oakland Raiders, in the Super Bowl.

- It was his offense.

- It was his offense. And he's, like, calling plays before they're run. And it was a complete annihilation.