Shannon on Randy Moss and Terrell Owens in the HOF: ‘If they want you in, they will find a way’

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In a discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to the 15 Hall of Fame finalists, including Randy Moss and Terrell Owens and explains why they both should get in this year.

- Shannon, should Randy Moss make the Hall of Fame before TO?

- No, they should both go in this year. TO, first of all, should have already been in.

- Oh, so you're saying Randy should be a first ballot?

- Yeah.

- OK. Got it.

- First ballot, but so should TO. They changed the rules to inhibit TO from going under the first ballot. Skip, they said you were never supposed to use off-field behavior. Because we know there are plenty of guys in the Pro Football Hall of Fame that have off-field issues. But it wasn't until TO came up on the ballot that they said, we're going to use what happened in the locker room, what happened on the sidelines--


- --as criteria.


- Wow, is that what it means? Is that-- you want to keep a guy that his numbers warrant him going in on the first ballot? He was-- at the time of retirement, he was third in TD receptions, second in yards-- he still second in yards-- he was probably like third or fourth in catches. And no off the field issue, TO has never run afoul with the law.

SKIP BAYLESS: He has not.

- And Randy was-- Randy was spectacular. I mean, Randy had 10 1,000 yard seasons. TO had nine. TO is one of three men that's been a first team All-Pro with three different teams. Ted Hendricks was one, first ballot Hall of Famer, the other is Deion Sanders, first ballot Hall of Famer. There is no-- by no, any metric that you want to use says Terrell Owens should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer.


- Now because he didn't go in, you made that mistake, I don't believe you should punish Randy Moss. Say, well, TO had-- see I don't believe-- I don't get into that, Skip, where he had to wait, he should have to wait. Skip, I had to wait. I had to wait three years.


- And when I retired, I had every number, yards, catches, touchdowns, more 170 plus yard games than any tight end in history, three Super Bowls--

- So why did you have to wait?

- Skip, when they want you in, they'll find a way. Now, I know tight ends are going to come behind me, and they're going to be first ballot, and they're not going to be as accomplished as Shannon Sharpe. I'm OK with that. I'm in, my grandmother was alive to hear my name get called.

- Yep, that's a big deal.

- So I'm cool, I'm cool with this.


- TO, and I-- it bothers TO, and it should.

SKIP BAYLESS: Sure, eats him up.

- Because, Skip, and I've said this, Randy was phenomenal. Got a chance to see him up close and personal, and he was special.


- But if you gave me a choice, you say, Shannon, you get one. You get Randy or you get TO, give me TO, because--

SKIP BAYLESS: On your team or in the Hall of Fame?

- On my team.


- I don't have any say. On my team, you say, Shannon, you get one. Only one, give me TO, 'cause you know why? 'Cause I know TO will give it to me, every Sunday.


- How do I get past Randy Moss, out of his own mouth says, I play when I want to?

SKIP BAYLESS: He said that. And

- How do I--

SKIP BAYLESS: And he displayed that.

- How do I get past that? Because the numbers are very--


- TO played one more game than Randy Moss. He has almost 100 more catches, 700 more yards, three fewer touchdowns than Randy. Skip, I don't know how TO has gotten this far without going into the Hall of Fame.