Shannon Sharpe reveals why Carson Wentz is still his top MVP pick

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Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he believes Philadelphia Eagles' QB Carson Wentz is still his top pick for MVP.

- Who's your MVP right now?

- I notice you're talking about he threw two touchdown passes, George. You ain't mentioned that pick six. Tell the story, George. You going to tell the story, don't tell the half of it.

- Well you tell it.

- I'm telling it.

- And then I'll tell it.

- OK, well you tell whatever you want to. All I know, Tom Brady is throwing a pick in five straight games. In his last four games, four touchdowns, five interceptions. That's a fact. Now let me get to my point. For me personally, I still have Carson Wentz. 33 touchdowns, seven interceptions, 11 and 2, number two in QBR, number one scoring offense. Todd Gurley says, hold on, wait a minute. [INAUDIBLE]

- Oh, so he's number two now.

- Woo! And-- Joyce said he did something that only two other men had ever done. Rush for more than 100, and receive for more than 150. Ollie Madison did it in 1954. Herschel Walker did it in 1986. Todd Gurley did it in 2017. So basically, once every 30 years, you see something like this Joy Taylor. Now I've seen a guy throw 30--

- Don't tell Joy. Tell me. Tell me. I'm right here.

- I like Joy. Joy see, Joy listen. You won't listen to me, Skip Bay--I been trying, your head hard.

- That's a fact.

- I know. I see-- if I were to ask your mom and Ernestine, they said, that joker's head. Oh, that joker's head--

- Hardest they've ever encountered. That's true.

- Skip, he has nine more scrimmage touchdowns than the next closest guy. Now you remember in AP's MVP season, he had 2,312. Todd Gurley is right about 2,100 right now. He has 13 rushing touchdowns, six receiving touchdowns, oh 1,300 yards received-- rushing. Skip, he's come up big when they needed him. Now you told me Tom Brady was going slam the door. The only thing he's slamming in the door is his foot, Joy. Because we saw him on Monday night against the Steelers, and he didn't slam the door. We saw him--

- Wait, on Sunday. You mean Sunday.

- No, Monday night against the Dolphins.

- Dolphins, yeah, OK.

- He didn't slam the door. We saw him against Pittsburgh. They won. But he didn't slam the door.

- Oh really?

- Yesterday, they won, pick six. And they cheated. You know that was the touchdown, Skip Bayless. But--

- It was. That was a touchdown.

- That's neither here nor there. And you keep telling me, Tom Brady, he is such-- is such a high degree of difficulty. I'm going to say this again. And I'm not going to say it ever ever again. Rob Gronkowski is the most dominant offensive player that doesn't play quarterback in all of football. More dominant than Julio, more dominant than AB, more dominant than Gurley. He is the most dominant non quarterback in all of football.