Skip Bayless reveals why he is not worried about Tom Brady’s age affecting the Patriots’ star

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Reflecting on the New England Patriots' loss to the Miami Dolphins, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he is not worried about Tom Brady's age affecting the Patriots' star this season.

- Was last night a sign of things to come for the 40-year-old Tom Brady?

- No, no, and triple no. That had nothing to do, last night, with Tom Brady's 40-year-old age. Zero to do with it. It has happened time and time again, as I said yesterday sitting in this chair, to Tom Brady in that stadium. He is now 7-9 at Dolphins. 7-9, he has now lost four of his last five at Dolphins.

And I would submit to you that the final game of the 2015 season, which is now almost three years ago, before the Tom Brady Patriots had to play at your Broncos in the AFC championship game, remember? Home field, on the line, at Dolphins versus Suh and company. And Tom Brady looked even worse in that game than he looked last night.

He had moments last night when he was pretty good. He had moments late in that game. And if I may just get this off my chest, I got to just get this out of the way.

SHANNON: Get it off.

- He hits Amendola, who's all he's got last night. Chris Hogan had been gone for four games and came back last night and caught one ball for one yard. Are you kidding me? What was that about Xavien Howard? I think not.

- I mean he was he was targeted a bunch.

SKIP: Five times.

- Targeted five times.

SKIP: I know. I don't know if he's not healthy. I don't know what happened. Remember he's 7-11 when he was with the Dolphins, right? He was always open.

JOY: Yeah.

- Well, I guess he was closed last night.

SHANNON: Stop, Skip.

- I guess he closed at what, 8, 8:30.

SHANNON: The dude, hold on. Now, just last year the dude set a New England playoff record for more yards in a game.

SKIP: I don't know what happened. So, by the way, the Patriots ran the ball last night 10 times for 25 yards. That will get your quarterback hit in the pocket a lot.

SHANNON: You didn't say anything about that last year in the Super Bowl when they ran it 10 times and they got-- oh, but he was all types-- Joy?

SKIP: I've got to get this off my chest.