Skip Bayless calls the Ravens ‘Kryptonite’ for both the Steelers and the Patriots. Here’s why

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Greg Jennings and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reveals why Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens are the 'kryptonite' for both the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC.

SKIP BAYLESS: I have had many, many TV battles with my man, T-Sizzle, but I respect the heck out of his game. And he is still playing at a very high level, which is why I find in a weaker AFC-- you're always saying the AFC is so weak-- it's New England and Pittsburgh, and maybe the Chargers are rising. But the biggest threat, the Kryptonite to both the Steelers and the, Patriots, is this bunch right here.

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: And they are second in the NFL in points allowed because they are first in takeaways, and they are first in interceptions--


SKIP BAYLESS: --and they lead the NFL in turnover differential, which is always a key--

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: --indicator of how good you are.

- Right.

SKIP BAYLESS: They're really good on defense. I'm not a Flacco fan. I call him Joe Flacco. And I can't believe he has the highest cap hit in the National Football League this year. But I cannot argue against his postseason record. He's awful in the regular season, because he's now 30th in QBR. Look who's-- he's ahead of only Trubisky, and DeShone Kizer, and Hoyer, and CJ Beathard. Really, that's it. And Joe Flacco. He's right in there with those guys because that's who he is.

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: And their offense is 31st in-- overall in yards. OK. 31st. And yet, Joe Flacco, in the postseason, is 10 in five, with 25 touchdown passes to only 10 interceptions in the postseason. Again a lot of that had to do with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, and those are the good old days. But he is capable of good-- do you think he's afraid to go to Foxborough?

- No.

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't think so.