Shannon on Seattle: ‘The Seahawks might miss the playoffs because of this dumb call by Pete Carroll’

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Reflecting on Pete Carroll calling a fake FG at the end of the 1st half in Seattle's loss to Atlanta, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless why this is not the 1st offense and why the Seahawks' coach has got to go.

- Have confidence in him to to kick a 34-yard field goal. But you trot him out there to make a 52-yard field goal.

- Well, you had no choice at that point.

- Oh, you did have a choice! Because you supposed to have been trotting him out there to kick the game winning field goal, not the game tying field goal. So let me get this right. You remember, Skip, when he was at USC, on 42 in 2006 against Texas?

- Do I.

- They went for it. The Heisman Trophy, can you tell the people at home where was the Heisman trophy went to Reggie Bush at the time. On fourth and two.

- He was on the sideline.

- Oh, OK.

- And I was fine with that. Because I always said, Reggie can't run between the tackles. And you had that big--

- So how did Reggie-- so how did Reggie-- so all Reggie ran was sweeps to get the Heisman Trophy? OK, OK. OK, and then, in Super Bowl 49, he said that would have been a really great play if it had worked. I guess he didn't anticipate Malcolm Butler being there. So Malcolm Butler doing his job. Grady Jarrett doing his job.

- Yup.

- Oh. I would've fired Pete Carroll after Super Bowl 49 and then I wouldn't have to have this. Because you know what's going to happen, Skip? They're never going to be the same. Because guess what? Richard Sherman is what? 33, 33, 33?

- Yeah.

- A-- Akili. Kam Chancellor. Out. Earl Thomas was out last year, hobbled this year. Flip Averil. They're not the same team.

- No.

- Basically, their offense now, Skip, is improvisation. Russell. Run around, buy some time, scramble, get a first down or throw it down the field to Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham. That's what their offense is relegated to.

Skip, that was a dumb call. You know it. It cost them so much more than the ballgame. They might miss the playoff because of this dumb call by Pete Carroll keep thinking that he could outsmart someone. And he can't. And he hasn't. So I wish he'd stop it because it's hurting his ball club.