Mike Shanahan reveals why Robert Griffin III is no longer an NFL quarterback

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Joining Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Mike Shanahan reveals why his former star qaurterback on the Wsahington Redskins Robert Griffin III is no longer an NFL QB.

- I have-- I was a big fan of RG3 coming out of Baylor, but I have criticized him for turning slowly but surely into RGIII as he became, I think, a victim of social media. Self-promoting. It was all about him. Tell us what you saw. His evolution off the field.

MIKE SHANAHAN: I was really disappointed myself because I knew where Robert was going. I knew where his dad was going. I knew where Dan Schneider was going. It was up to me to convince this guy that hey, if you don't run the drop back game. If you don't take your game. It's not there now, but you can get there. I blame myself for not getting to the kid. He really believed he was Aaron Rodgers. In his mind, he believes he was Aaron Rodgers. As I said, you know what, you're not Aaron Rodgers. And Aaron Rodgers is not you.

- Or Peyton Manning.

MIKE SHANAHAN: Or Peyton Manning. In time though, you can learn to drop that game and you will get better. But you've got to do some of the things that we've been doing your rookie year just to keep the defenses off you. Because with that play action game, Robert had all the time in the world to throw. He had time. And so, and he was getting better. Just like, you know, he went from 31st to tied for a fifth over the last seven games and third downs. But the next year, because of the injury and when he did have the injury, you know, he felt like hey, I can't run anymore.

And I said John Elway lost his ACL his sophomore year, or his senior year in college after his third or fourth game. He's been playing for with a brace on his knee for 16 games. He's never missed a game. So you know if you can come back from that knee but what you have to do is get better and the drop that game. And kind of doing some of the things that we've been doing. And with that, I said, you've got a chance. If not, you'll be out of the league in four or five years.

- How did you like his rehab? How did you like how he approached the off season?

MIKE SHANAHAN: I think everybody could see that in the off season that he was kind of convinced that we weren't running what we did in 2012. We needed to go a different direction to see if he could drop back-- be a drop at quarterback and throw. You know from my experience, you watch people practice every day. You know if they can throw.

- Right.

MIKE SHANAHAN: If they're naturals at it. And you know when it takes a little bit longer. You can't slide in the pocket. You just don't have the anticipation.

- Right.

MIKE SHANAHAN: And he did not have that so you knew he is going to struggle. And, you know, I had to convince him that this is going to take some time. I never was able to do that.

- How big-- you know he won rookie of the year, but he's still-- for me and looking at it from a distance. He didn't receive the adulation that Andrew Lucke got. Because Andrew Luck, everybody said Andrew Lucke is the guy you just take out the package and he's ready to play for you. And he didn't get that kind of praise even though he had won rookie of the year. He had won the division. He wanted to be respected because Andrew Lucke was a prototypical dropped back quarterback.

MIKE SHANAHAN: And I told Robert, we had Solaris on and watched his film. I've never seen a guy get hit more than Andrew Luck did.

- That's right.

MIKE SHANAHAN: I said, let's look at you. How many times you've been hit.

- This is correct.

MIKE SHANAHAN: One of the reasons why you haven't been hit is the defense, they're afraid to rush you. They've got to play these option reads.

- Right.

MIKE SHANAHAN: And you're going-- you've got all day to throw the play action on first and second down. What we have to get you better is on third down. And we did get better on it, but then after that of course things changed.

- So is it possible he became Robert too close to your owner Dan Snyder, who loved him before you picked him. Can that be a hindrance to your relationship with Robert?

MIKE SHANAHAN: No. To be honest with you, with a guy like Dan. He already believed Robert had all those things, all those tools, you know. I mean, just look at the stats. And unless you really studied the game all the time and you really look at different things that quarterback can do and not do, you can see why an owner or a dad or a mother. You know, hey, you know, don't get my son hit. I understand that. The one thing you have to learn, if you do run the read option, the quarterback cannot get hit. He has this slide. Give the ball off, pitch it.

But if somebody is coming after you, you've got to hand it off. If you do run, never take a hit. And that's what Russell Wilson has done throughout his career. He's the best at it. And you know who else is. Deshaun Watson.

- He was terrific.

MIKE SHANAHAN: He's doing unbelievable. Doing the same thing. Sliding and throwing the ball away. Be able to throw in a run.

- Yeah.

MIKE SHANAHAN: Pretty impressive.