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TMZ Sports talks Mark Wahlberg latest NFL bet. Will the Cleveland Browns win 6 games this year?

- It's time for some gambling advice with Mark Wahlberg. You know Mark Wahlberg is a huge sports fan-- big time sports fan. And just came back from the casino where he laid a couple of sports bets down.

- Can I throw in a Van Lathan aside?

- Yeah, go for it.

- I had a Wahlburgers recently.

- How were they?

- It was delicious.

- Really?

- I enjoyed myself at Wahlburgers, man. I would go back.

- If you had the choice between a Wahlburger from Mark Wahlberg or a Fat Burger, which at one point was owned by Magic Johnson, who is the better burger?

- I mean, I gotta support Magic, but the reality is that Wahlburger tastes better.

- All right, here's the thing. Mark Wahlberg just got back from a casino. He made some sports bets, two of them seemed pretty solid. The third one involving the Cleveland Browns is a little iffy to me. So without further ado, here's who Mark Wahlberg placed his NFL bets on this year. See what you think.

REPORTER: Is it true that you got a huge bet that the Pats are gonna win 2019? Super Bowl.

- I bet Eagles to return to the Super Bowl, Patriots to reach-- both of them to win, right? And then I bet the Browns would win more than 5.5 games, with Baker Mayfield at the helm.

REPORTER: OK. How much did you put on those?

- That's a private matter. You know what? We have faith.

- So the Eagles and the Patriots feel pretty safe, right? They're good teams, they're solid.

- The Eagles might even be better now that Carson Wentz is back.

- That's true, but the Browns. Now that Baker Mayfield is there, the number one pick in the draft-- who is, by the way, not the starting quarterback right now. Mark Wahlberg thinks they're going to win more than 5.5 games. They're going to have a six-win season after going 0-16 last year. Is this stupid money?

- Mark Wahlberg seems to think that Baker Mayfield will somehow slither into the starting quarterback role.

- Which means he's betting against Tyrod Taylor, by the way.

- Betting against Tyrod Taylor. So, I mean, if it's contingent on that and he believes in Mayfield, not a bad bet, not to me.

- So here's the thing, for the Browns to get to Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor has to have at least three or four terrible games.

- Right, which they lose.

- So he's already expecting the team to go 0-3 or 0-4 at the beginning of the season. Because before they're going to make a change from a veteran who's been in the playoffs before.

- Unless something happens in training camp. And it's very unlikely that that happens, but maybe Mark Wahlberg knows something.

- You honestly believe, honestly, that the Cleveland Browns are going to win six games this year?

- No, Evan, I'm supporting Mark Wahlberg because he makes a delicious burger.

- He does.

- I don't think they're gonna win sex games, but you know what's funny?

- What's that?

- What's funny is I saw some projections earlier from some so-called experts, and they're predicted to go 6-10.

- To be real, the odds are about 50/50.

- Well, they have added talent. They got Tyrod Taylor at quarterback, Carlos Hyde, Jarvis Landry, who's their big wide receiver who is going to be playing along with Josh Gordon who's back and looks like to be in phenomenal shape.

- So it's like a whole new squad. They have a whole bunch of offensive talent that they didn't have.

- Wait, did we just talk ourselves out of this? Is a safe bet that they will win the six games now?

- I'm rooting for them because I don't want to see them get murdered again.

- Week one, they're gonna lose, that's for sure.

- Week one is done. That's the yearly ritual, right there.

- The Browns would win more than 5.5 games.