Greg Jennings explains how Aaron Rodgers’ body language is setting the tone for the rest of the team

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Greg Jennings joins Colin on today's show to discuss how Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' body language can affect the mood for the rest of the offense.

- So listen, it's easy to blame the kicker-- I don't think Aaron was very good for the first hour and a half. I didn't think he had any energy. Can we blame Aaron a little bit for this? A little?

- We can. Absolutely. Of course. For me, if I look at it from percentages, I would put 60% of it on Mason Crosby because he just-- he can't do that.

- Worst game of his career.

- Yes. And he knows that. But 40% of it-- I put it on Aaron Rodgers. I mean, you-- you have the presser, you talk about the lack of offensive play calling and creativity and all of these things. So you create a spotlight, even more of a microscope, on yourself. And you come out, and you have the start that you had? Now mind you, they've-- they've struggled in Ford Field the last few years. But Aaron, you can't-- you can't do that. And it's not so much what his numbers ended up, because he-- did he do enough for them to win? He did. That's not what I'm most concerned about.

For me, what stood out was his body language, his demeanor, his-- his lack of involvement with the guys during the game, meaning-- he had a look on him like he was disgusted. But it was kind of that, whoa, here we go again, woe is me. There was one image that they've shown during the broadcasts of the game where he went to the sideline, he put his hands across his lap, he's sitting there, they show his receivers, they're on another bench, they're looking as lost as little puppy dogs as well. There's no fire. There's no-- if we have to operate, if we have to execute these plays, if this is all we have, then guys, let's make it happen. Let's make it work. When I see Drew Brees, when I see Tom Brady--


- they get fired up because it's-- it's no longer in the coach's hands! This is on us now. Like-- and you set the tone, you being Aaron Rodgers. You set the tone, and that's what I did not like. Did he play-- eventually play well? Yeah!

- By the way--