Trent Dilfer discusses NFL rookie QBs success in Week 5

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Trent Dilfer joins Colin Cowherd to talk NFL. Hear how well he thinks the four rookie QBs performed in Week 5.

- Let's-- I'll give you the quarterback, and we talk about it. Sam Darnold against Denver made a couple of big throws over the top. What did you make of him?

- Well, he's fantastic. I think the ability to get chunk yardage plays as a young quarterback is very hard. It's easy to sit there and pick apart zones, and dump the ball off and be careful. It's hard to make big plays. I think he's everything I thought he would be. He's a fantastic-- he has a fantastic presence. He's going to infuse energy into that organization. And he's just a natural play maker. He's done this since high school. I've said it forever. He just makes everybody better.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, you watched him in high school.

- He's the guy that walks onto a team, into a room, wherever he goes, and just everybody gets better. Some people have that effect. That's Sam Darnold. And you're seeing it. They're not going to be great. I think we see them kind of the same way. They're a seven and nine-ish type team.

- Mose of their players, Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, most of their good players are on defense.

- Yeah.

- That's the way they are right now.

- But they're going to have massive hope. Like, they're going to finish this season. And there's going to be momentum for the New York Jets, because they're going to have hope, because of the guy playing quarterback for them.

- Baker Mayfield, didn't have a-- you know, didn't throw the ball down the field quite as much, but over the course of a game, he made a couple of really nice runs. He made a couple of really big throws. I mean, Baltimore is a real team. What did you make of Baker?

- Baker, he's special in two ways. We've talked about it before. He's very precise. I hate using the word accurate, because people look at that as completion percentage. He's exact with how he throws a football.


- Like, if it needs to be on this side of the face, it finishes on this side of the face. Like, if it needs to be low and away, it's low and away. He's very exact with the ball, a very, very gifted passer. It shows up all the time.

His ability to create time and space. He has that one little move that gets a lot of people in trouble, where he goes backwards--


- --to create time. That's a bad deal for most people. For him, it's brilliant. It's like, his way-- Drew Brees did it for years too, where they start to climb, and they're working. And then they bounce back. And as they bounce back, they can still throw the ball down the field. It's special. And then Baker's biggest, his greatest quality is people call it, you know, the clutch gene. He's a gamer. Whatever you want to call it like, he rises to the occasion. He's at his best when things around him are kind of nasty and ugly.

I think it's cool what's going on. I mean, I played in Cleveland for one year. And for some weird reason I kind of always root for them.


- And I just think it's awesome what he's doing in that city for that organization.

- Now, we're talking about Darnold/Baker. I thought Josh Rosen--

- Oh, yeah.

- I got to tell you, I think they've been a little conservative on his game plan calling. I don't like calling out coaches. Mike McCoy, you got it yesterday, way too much run on first down, way too predictable. I think Rosen looks good.

- They're finding their way. I think what Josh will help them do is expand the offense. I use this term all the time. You know how good a quarterback is when you start seeing them expand the offense, because what that means internally is the coach is like, whoa, we can do more with this guy. Oh, we can do this. We couldn't do that with the other guy. We can do it now with this guy. I think you're going to see that in Arizona.

You start seeing Josh practice everyday. You start seeing see his capacity to learn and grow in a system, and how smart he is, and how much he can shoulder, you're going to start seeing this offense expand, because internally they're going, oh, wow, we can do way more with this kid.

Yesterday we didn't see it. Just watch the Cardinals now for the next six weeks, and watch what this offense starts looking like. It's going to look way different than it did with Bradford and it did yesterday, because they're figuring out we have something special.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, if we got--