Colin Cowherd on Aaron Rodgers: It’s time to suppress his ego and take blame for Packers’ shortcomings

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Colin Cowherd talks about the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers on today's show. He reacts to Aaron's comment about Packer's offense. Hear what Colin has to say.

I've said this, Joy, on this show. And Joy, you've been here what, three months now? One of the things I've said about the NBA that drives me crazy is the media falls in love with the newest shiniest toy. James Harden, Russell Westbrook. And it's like, you've got Durant over here and LeBron are the best players, most valuable players in the NBA. The media does this.

And if you're cool, if you're a good quote, the media likes cool, and they like hip, and they like progressive. And they like-- Aaron Rodgers is all of that stuff. And I'm not denying he's super talented. But I always roll my head when I'm like, oh, he's better than Tom Brady. No, he's not. Tom Brady is more coachable, more consistent, less ego, harder working offseason, more driven, better in the clutch.

No, Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers. Well, Aaron has got a great arm. So did Dan Marino. Joe Montana was better than Dan Marino because he was more coachable. And he had less ego. And he was better in the clutch. And he--

I mean-- I said this yesterday on NFL kickoff and everybody was like, shocked. I said, when I wake up in the morning now, and Aaron yesterday was 20 to a 40, and he wasn't good, and he's not accurate. And some of it's an injury, and some of it he's not practicing. I get it. And I'm not denying he's a great talent. But when I wake up in the morning on Sunday now, I don't think about Aaron Rodgers.

I want to watch Patrick Mahomes. I want to watch Jared Goff and the Rams. I love what Chicago's doing with their coaching. There's just young guys I want to watch at quarterback. There's just a lot of young guys I want to watch. I'm bummed out that Jimmy G is gone. I'm used to Aaron Rodgers getting hurt.

He's going to be 35 in December, he's hurt again, he's not practicing again, and he's not very good again. This is the 11th year in the NFL that the media has fond over him. And he's 34, he's hurt again, he's outspoken again, and it's somebody else's fault again.

And I don't buy that-- Davante Adams is a better wider receiving talent than anybody Tom Brady has. Tom Brady doesn't have anything close to Davante Adams. By the way, in his prime, Tom Brady didn't have anything close to Jordy Nelson. And I'm not saying-- and don't tell me McCarthy-- every time Mike McCarthy has a chance to throw Aaron under the bus, he doesn't. Mike McCarthy comes out, effusive his praise every stinking time. Mike McCarthy could throw Aaron under the bus. He never does.

The coach puts the plans together, and Davante should had 20 targets, the insinuation is we didn't put a plan together to have 20 targets. You can't audible at the line? You can find him 20 times? Again, Aaron-- I don't know Aaron. I know he doesn't like me, that's fine. But this is the 11th year, and he's hurt again, and not practicing again, and his passer rating is bad, and I keep getting told--

You know, what's funny about it. One of the things I always said about Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan and Tom Brady are the most coachable superstars. They took pay cuts, they were about the team, they worked really hard, they were driven. They didn't have-- they suppressed their ego.

I don't see a lot of suppressing of the ego with Aaron. I don't think he's easy to coach. Multiple people have called him out. And any chance he's got a chance to kind of stick it to somebody, they haven't scored 30 points in a calendar year. Trubisky just dropped 150, OK? Kirk Cousins on Thursday night threw for about 600 yards.

I don't know, when I wake up on Sunday, there are other guys. And I'm-- he should win another Super Bowl. I would be shocked if he didn't win our Super Bowl. And I have defended him saying, they don't do a very good job getting him defensive players. I think they should assign Khalil Mack, and I think he's an all time talent. But I consider him much more Marino than Brady.

The reason Brady ends up with rings and Dan Marino who, by the way, had Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson as coaches-- don't tell me Dan Marino didn't have great coaches. Jimmie Johnson is one of the top five ever and Don Shula is one of the top six. There's a reason he didn't win and Brady did. And some of it's Brady and Marino's issues or strengths.