Jason McIntyre challenges Colin Cowherd on his list of 7 teams that can win Super Bowl LIII

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Jason McIntyre joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk Super Bowl favorites for the upcoming year. Find out which teams they like to play in Atlanta.

- So these are my seven teams, I believe can win the Super Bowl. And by the way, in all of them except New England-- my fringe team was New England-- OK.

- Hold up, Colin. Let's start here. When did you compile this list? Because there is such a glaring error.

- Which one?

- A massive error on this list. Where are the Minnesota Vikings?

You know they have the second best odds to win the Super Bowl according to Vegas, 10/1. They're not even on your list?

- Well, no. Minnesota was my last team. And the reason being is, when is the last team that got a new quarterback and a new offensive coordinator won a Super Bowl? It doesn't happen.

- Well new quarterback, we could ago Drew Brees when he made the move to New Orleans, eventually won a Super Bowl.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah. But what did you say? It wasn't year one.

- Not in year one. And this guy Peyton Manning, you know, Denver. He did OK.

COLIN COWHERD: But he didn't win in year one.

- Not in year one. But--

COLIN COWHERD: So now people forget this. Kyle Shanahan popped in Atlanta year two. People forget this. It takes a coordinator and a quarterback two years to pop.

JASON MCINTYRE: It's funny you mention the coordinator. He actually went to college where I went to. I covered him. We stayed friends. He knows football, OK. He was just in Philadelphia last year with Foles, with Wentz. I trust him a lot, OK.

Now my big thing with missing on the Vikings is, this is a team who had as good a defense in net yards per play as the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is an awesome defense, Colin.

Seriously, the Vikings are ready to go in, stop people. And then they finally have a quarterback who can take them over the hump. Think about that NFC Championship game when they lost to the Eagles. What was the reason? It's Case Keenum. He was bad. He lost the game for them in the first quarter with that tipped interception.

And I look at Kirk Cousins coming in there. Colin, I mean, to me he's a top 12 quarterback in the NFL.


- Now remember, that Washington offensive line was a train wreck, one of the least healthy lines in the league. Now you add Dalvin Cook, who you loved in college. Looked very good running back last year until he got injured.

COLIN COWHERD: They have good receivers.

- Great receivers, maybe one of the best combos in the league. And the defense is just nasty. I think we went over this in the offseason. The Vikings may have, with the Eagles, the best roster in the NFL.


- Young, talented. This is a loaded team.

COLIN COWHERD: I think the Rams and the Eagles and the Chargers, I know those are two LA teams, have great rosters. I think the Giants roster is underrated. Houston has a good roster.

I go back to this. New coordinator, new coach to me it's going to take a year. In fact--

- Fine, if you don't like my Vikings.