Colin Cowherd on Urban Meyer being placed on administrative leave

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Colin Cowherd talks Ohio State football. Hear what he had to say about Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes on Thursday's show.

- And I am incredibly greatly disappointed not only in Ohio State football. But when I think of Ohio State football and Urban Meyer, I think of Louisville basketball and Rick Pitino, and Baylor football and Art Briles, and Penn State football at the end with Joe Paul. Those universities and those fan bases and those coaches want me to believe the unbelievable, that husbands and wives don't talk, that coaches who live together in small spaces for 70 hours a week, vacation together, don't talk.

We now have texts which show that Urban Meyer's wife-- also an Ohio State Athletic department employee-- knew of a coach on her husband's staff beating his wife. We know that to be true, and she never told him for three years.

I sit with my wife, and I'm sure you do this every night. When the kids go to bed last night, we talked for 90 minutes. We talk about our kids. We talk about our lives. We talk about our future. We talk about our house. We talk about vacation plans. We talk about schools.

Urban Meyer's wife three years ago knew about this, validated, verified, on texts, and for three years, never told her husband. Man, that must be a really bad marriage. Oh, wait. It's not. Because at big 10 media day, Urban Meyer bragged about the relationship with his wife. We talk about people. Well, is Courtney Smith a person? Because she was getting beaten by her husband, who was a football coach Urban Meyer.

Not to be hyperbolic here, but when you brag about your relationship and then you want me the next day to believe we didn't talk about it, really? College football coaches and basketball coaches are men often in small towns with power. Where pro fans are loyal to a point, college fans are loyal to a fault.

Ohio State fans this morning will surround their coach because that's what they do in college towns. And you want me to believe that a coach who brags about his marriage, about how his wife is great, and they talk about people, didn't talk about the one person on his staff beating his wife?

College football coaches have become Jack Nicholson. Remember his character "A Few Good Men?" You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall. It's code. Us against them, the big bad media out to get us. Civilians, average people don't get us.

Why don't football coaches and basketball coaches like Rick Pitino, and Urban Meyer, and Art Briles, and the people at Penn State years ago stop being Jack Nicholson, start nurturing, not protecting, start communicating, not protecting?

And fans, it's on you. You are asking me to believe the unbelievable, that for three years, the wife didn't talk to the coach. We have verification that multiple wives on the staff knew and none of them talked to their husbands. And if they did, then the husbands who are coaches didn't talk to the boss down the hall who they talked to 15 times a day, never brought it up once.

I don't know if you fire Urban Meyer. Maybe you should fire all of Ohio State's football coaches for not coming up with better material. Come up with a better excuse. I don't know what to do with coaches.

I've told you, when it comes to small college town-- and Columbus is not Mayberry-- but fans are loyal to a fault. In pro towns, where people are not all from the town, because big cities have lots of jobs, and lots of people moved there not from the City, fans are loyal to a point.

Bryan Colangelo, wife had a burner account. Fans didn't buy it. Team didn't buy it. Owner didn't buy it. Media didn't buy it. GM gone. Unfortunately, we have a victim here, and the town will put their arms around the coach yet again and ask me to believe the unbelievable.