Ving Rhames compares the Lakers to Pulp Fiction

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Ving Rhames joins Colin Cowherd to talk the Los Angeles Lakers. Hear why how he thinks the Lakers compare to Pulp Fiction.

- The Lakers have all these new parts. And you never really know how it's going to work. You were in "Pulp Fiction." And it was-- John Travolta had been literally invisible for 20 years. Who's Quentin Tarantino? Samuel L Jackson wasn't a star yet. You're in that movie.

Much like at a sports team, a new team, you had, like, a bunch of parts. Take me back to "Pulp Fiction." You were a new team. And people, if you would have been an NBA team, they're like, that's a 21-win team. You ended up being in one of the most iconic films, resurrecting John Travolta's entire career, making Samuel L Jackson a household name. Did you know it when you were on set?

- No, we didn't know it. And I think we did that film for either $5 million or $8 million.

- Oh, my-- that's what craft services is now.

- Yes. They gave me one point in the film. And I want to thank them for-- them for that one point, because it's one point of everything, music, I mean--

- Oh, my.

- Yes, one point of everything. So it's put my-- it's going to put my kids through college when they are of that age. But I think no, no one knew. But I think sometimes, as with a good team, I would use the Lakers, you put certain-- you're building an orchestra. And you need the violin section, the bass section, the trombone section. And I see the Lakers putting pieces together, as we did in Pulp Fiction, that the chemistry will fit or next year if they get a free agent.

- So did-- halfway through the movie, did you sense, this is out there, but it's special?

- I sensed we dared to be different. And I sensed that this was something that was going to be a little more on the edge, but it was going to be excitement. And I sense the Lakers doing something a bit different from previous years. This is one of the more tougher teams with all the-- the free agents that they picked up.