Colin Cowherd declares Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb will win the 2018 NFL Rookie of the Year

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In his reaction to Las Vegas announcing the odds for the 2018 NFL Rookie of the Year race, Colin Cowherd reveals where Vegas got it wrong, declaring that he believes Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb will win the ROY honors over Baker Mayfield, Saquon Barkley, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen.

- Vegas, according to, has released their four favorites to win Rookie of the Year-- Saquon Barkley, running back for the Giants, Baker Mayfield, quarterback for the Browns, Josh Allen, quarterback for Buffalo, and Josh Rosen, quarterback for Arizona.

I'm dead serious here. I don't have any of those in my top four. The only one I'd put in my top 10 is Saquon Barkley. I don't think Rosen's is going to start enough. Baker is going to start enough games. I just don't think they're going to start enough. I think, to be Rookie of the Year, you've got to start more than like seven or eight games, and that's all they're going to start.

Baker Mayfield will eventually become the starter. It's not going to be probably until like October-November. Saquon Barkley, I do believe they've improved the offensive line. Odell Beckham's back. I think Pat Shurmur is going to make a real movement toward running the football. I think he's going to have a nice year.

Here are my top Rookie of the Year candidates. And I just look at where they go, what they inherit, what's around them. Number one is Nick Chubb. I think Nick Chubb's going to be the Rookie of the Year in the NFL not Baker Mayfield. First of all, he's the second most rushing yards in SEC history. That's really impressive. I think he's hard to bring down. You can hand the ball to him a ton. I think he's got a burst, so he's going to be a dynamic player. And between Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield, this is not an offense that wants the quarterback throwing 38 times a game.

I think Tyrod Taylor's got a little wiggle. I think Nick Chubb will spearhead this offense. I don't think it's going to be a quarterback driven offense. I think it's going to be a running driven offense. I think Nick Chubb is my favorite, out of Georgia, first title game appearance since 1980, is my leader for Rookie of the Year. The other one is Calvin Ridley, the wide receiver for Atlanta. He will face no double teams because Julio Jones is on the other side. He's second in Alabama history in receptions and touchdown receptions. The other thing is, this is an offense with a lot of weapons in Atlanta. With a Pro Bowl level quarterback in Matt Ryan, which virtually guarantees production.

So this kid is guaranteed 60 catches in six touchdowns simply because this offense has two good backs, they've got Mohamed Sanu and Julio Jones. He's going to get a ton of looks in that slot. I think Calvin Ridley is my number two favorite to win Rookie of the Year. Number three is, and this is a dark horse, I liked him out to Oregon, Royce Freeman. A big, strong, physical back out of Oregon. He goes to Denver. Again, Denver's got Case Keenum. They know you're going to win games by having Case Keenum throw the ball 35 times a game.

I think they went and upgraded their o-line, Royce Freeman holds the Oregon record for most career rushing yards, which is really impressive considering how much Oregon ran the football and with a level of success with Chip Kelly. He's got the six most rushing yards in NCAA history. Big, strong kid that can take a pounding. And with Case Keenum, they're going to give him 20 carries a game. I think he's my number three pick to win Rookie of the Year. I really like Royce Freeman at Oregon.

And number four is, a little bit of a dark horse, Christian Kirk, the wider receiver going to Arizona. First of all, he's a dynamic, special teams return guy. So he's going to wow some people on special teams. He's also not going to be an outside guy, he's going to be a slot guy. Meaning bubble screens. He's really good. He doesn't break a lot of tackles, but he's good after the catch. Very clever.

You know he's not a straight line, beat you down the field, unbelievable speed. He's clever. He's good in space. In the slot, he's going to get a lot of opportunities. So to me outside of, Saquon Barkley, I don't like Vegas' list at all simply because I don't think most of the guys Vegas likes are going to get that many touches and that many starts. I know that Nick Chubb, Calvin Ridley, Royce Freeman, and Christian Kirk are going to play in 16 games.

They're going to get a lot of looks. So that's our best for last. Tonight, Golden State in Houston. Oh, oh, by the way, just throw this out, why I like Nick Chubb's so much. Since 1967, offensive rookie-of-the-years by position, 34 of 50 winners, have been running backs. Since 1967, eight quarterbacks, nine receivers, and 34 running backs.