Colin Cowherd reacts to Cleveland’s 2018 NFL Draft decisions

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Colin Cowherd talks 2018 NFL Draft. Hear his thoughts on what the Cleveland Browns did in Dallas this weekend. Did they get their first-round picks right this time?

- The Cleveland Browns not only took Baker Mayfield field number one, they thought he was far better than every other quarterback. No I'm serious. Because they had the first and the fourth pick. And the Giants weren't taking a quarterback. So by taking Baker one, what you're saying is, no we're not going to take Saquon Barkley. And then watch the Giants and Jets take who they take. We think Baker is so much better than Rosen, so much better than Darnold, so much better than Lamar Jackson, so much better than Josh Allen that we got to take him number one.

Okie. Okie dokie. Then at the fourth pick, the best defensive player on everybody's-- I called four scouts of different teams. Bradley Chubb was the number one defense player on every board. And it frankly was an easy year. They didn't take him either.

Now let me say this about Baker Mayfield. I've never said he's going to be a bust. I said Johnny Manziel would be a bust. And I said Tim Tebow would be a bust. Baker Mayfield actually throws a very accurate football, and that's a real thing in the NFL. Like, a really important thing. I think he's undersized. I think he lacks maturity and judgment. And I think he's a marginal athlete who likes to run more than he's going to be able to in the NFL.

But I think he can win some games I just think his ceiling is really, really low. And people think he's the next Russell Wilson and Drew Brees. I do not. It's not that Baker Mayfield will play eight games and just disappear. It's that the Cleveland Browns had two of the first four picks and did not maximize either.

Denzel Ward will play for many years. I think Baker will hang around for a while. But when you have the first and the fourth, you take the best offensive player and the best defensive player. And on no board except Cleveland's was Denzel Ward the best defensive player and Baker Mayfield the best offensive player.

Again, Johnny Manziel I called bust. Tim Tebow I called bust. Baker will win some games. And this is the way the world works, where people have no interest in getting it right. They want to be right. So when he goes like four and 12, you'll of course credit Baker as being a wild success. And in Cleveland four and 12 these days is.

But they didn't maximize an opportunity that you almost never get in this league. The chance to get the best offensive player, and the chance to get the best defensive player. And they failed, with both.