Colin Cowherd on latest reports of Browns draft plan: ‘They are going to butcher this.’

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Colin Cowherd reacts to reports that the Cleveland Browns are between quarterbacks Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield for the first overall draft selection. Which quarterback in the draft would be the best fit in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Browns are down to Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. They're going to butcher this. They're going to butcher this. So they're going to-- Baker Mayfield, what have they struggled with in Cleveland? Getting small guys who were undersized and can't, kind of, stack up to the big strong Flacco, and the big strong Big Ben. Northern teams need to get bigger, stronger athletes. It's cold, it's windy by late October, November, December, January. They're down Baker Mayfield, who's the smallest of all them, and the least athletic of all the quarterbacks. And then Josh Allen, who I have huge questions whether he's going to make it or not? I think, I mean, he just doesn't-- he doesn't throw the ball accurately.

So, I mean, the two guys I know that are going to make it are Darnold and Rosen. I think Baker could make it if you give him the right functioning offensive line, coaching staff, the right organization. Put him in Denver, he could work. So Mary Kay Cabot, real smart, breaks stories. The Browns are down to Mayfield and Josh Allen. Good Lord, God. It ain't that tough. They passed on Carson Wentz. It's not-- they passed on Deshaun Watson. It's not-- two guys I liked, it's not that tough.