Colin Cowherd’s 2018 Mock Draft 7.0

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Ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft, Colin Cowherd offers up his latest mock draft.

- Here is my mock draft, let's go. All right, number one. Told by an exec this morning, Darnold-Allen 50-50. Just for fun, I have Cleveland going number one with Josh Allen from Wyoming. It is not the move I would make. He has accuracy issues and a much higher chance to bust than Sam Darnold.

I believe the New York Giants, once Allen goes number one, knowing they have to face Carson Wentz for a decade, will feel an obligation to draft the best quarterback prospect easily in the draft. It will be a remarkable day for the New York Giants, they'll get Sam Darnold.

Number three, the Jets, were always going to take a quarterback. Lot of smoke screens, they've kept pretty quiet recently. They know Josh Rosen outside of durability concerns is simply the most polished, refined player who can win now.

Cleveland then gets its second pick. I think they'll go for Bradley Chubb, an explosive, dynamic pass rusher. Along with their pick last year, Myles Garrett, an explosive pass rusher, to give them what every GM in this league is looking for outside of quarterback, which is a consistent pass rush. The Browns will officially have it for years.

Denver, surprised they haven't released some leaks on quarterback to upgrade the value of the five pick, I still maintain they lost Aqib Talib, they'll go for easily the best corner in the draft, Denzel Ward, Ohio State, with the fifth pick. Kid's a little small, are some concerns about him in the red zone, world class athlete, great ball skills, best corner easily, in a division, by the way, with Derek Carr and Philip Rivers, guys who can sling it.

I believe the Buffalo Bills will trade up with Indianapolis. It's not the quarterback they want, but the Giants won't pass on Darnold. They'll take Baker Mayfield. I don't think he's ideally fit for Buffalo's weather, Buffalo's falls and winters, but he is accurate. And right now, they don't have a quarterback and they do have a lot of picks. They move up.

Seven, I'll stick with Tampa taking Minkah Fitzpatrick. Of their issues, the back end of their defense is a primary concern. I think he's a terrific player. He is not a burner who's going to lock down Julio Jones in that division, but he is a playmaker. He can come off the edge and get an immobile Matt Ryan or a bigger, stronger Cam Newton, I think the Bucks go with Minkah Fitzpatrick.

The Bears got Mitch Trubisky, now they get Notre Dame offensive lineman Quenton Nelson at guard. Chicago is a Notre Dame town and this kid is a can't miss. Now, for that interior pass rush where it's so valuable to protect your quarterback. They can step up on an edge rusher. But quarterbacks don't like to get stepped on from the interior. Quenton Nelson, can't miss guard.

Nine, listen, San Francisco needs to go offense in the draft. They got a quarterback. Last year, they went and got in free agency a wide receiver, and in the draft a slot receiver. I think they have a real need at running back and they get Saquon Barkley from Penn State. He's not a 25 carry a game guy, but in a division with Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, and the running back Nelson from Arizona, Larry Fitzgerald, you've got to have a home run hitter somewhere on this offense. And I think it's Saquon Barkley.

And number 10, Raiders defensive secondary is an absolute mess. A lot of people think this kid could go higher, he's a safety, he's from Florida State, he's Derwin James. So I believe the three biggest stories after day one of the draft will be the New York Giants have found, eventually, though not in year one, a successor to Eli Manning, that Indianapolis traded down twice and probably total got eight picks, and Barkley falls to number 9. But the truth is, with Kyle Shanahan and Garoppolo, it is a wonderful place for Saquon Barkley to start his NFL career.