Colin Cowherd’s 2018 Mock Draft 6.0

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Colin Cowherd unveils his 2018 Mock NFL Draft 6.0. Will the Cleveland Browns redeem themselves by drafting a stellar QB out of this year's pool among Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield?

- We go to my mock draft. There is multiple information coming out. A report today-- the Giants and Bills are talking about the number two pick. I had dinner two nights ago with an NFL GM and a discussion with a scout yesterday. Here's what I believe is happening.

Number one, Cleveland is talking a big game. They're going to take Sam Darnold. A lot of stuff out there about Saquon Barkley. I don't buy it. What I think they're saying is we like Darnold, but we're open for business.

Darnold going to Cleveland, and it's the right pick. Number two, here we go, John. We got a move. Buffalo moves up with the New York Giants.


Buffalo is desperate for a quarterback. They have multiple picks. The Giants move out, and Buffalo takes Josh Allen.

I think it could be a grave mistake, but he is a big, strong kid, played in Wyoming. And I think they're concerned in their weather and should be with a Baker Mayfield type or a less durable player like Josh Rosen.

Number three is the New York Jets. I think the Baker Mayfield stuff is smoke. I think they take Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen goes three to the Jets. They need a quarterback. High IQ, deadly accurate-- here's a kid, LA, comes from a successful family. I think he fits in a big city, can handle it, can handle the pressure.

Number four, Cleveland-- Bradley Chubb. That means in the last two drafts, Myles Garrett and Bradley Chubb, they will have their pass rushers for the next five years. I think you cannot pass up on this defensive end.

Listen, everybody in this league's looking for a pass rusher, everybody except, like, Philadelphia now. They added-- they added Michael Bennett. Cleveland's going to have two elite young pass rushers and Sam Darnold for a long time.

How great would that be for Cleveland? I got to tell you. Outside of quarterback, when I talk to NFL GMs, it's left tackle and pass rusher that they're all looking for. And God doesn't make a lot of them.

Number five would be Denzel Ward going to Denver, Aqib Talib left. You're in a division with, uh, Derek Carr. You're in a division with Philip Rivers.

You got to get corners. It's also a highly valuable position, and he was amazing at the combine. Little short, but they go Denzel Ward.

We've got another trade with six, Indianapolis, which is reportedly willing to move-- moves down. Arizona takes Baker Mayfield at number six. Listen, everybody I talk to in the league, they're interested in Baker Mayfield.

I've told you. I don't think he has the world's strongest arm. But you put him out West, you put him in Glendale, eight games in a dome.

Then he goes to LA. Baker Mayfield with this wide receiving corps, with this personnel, can win games. I think Arizona moves up to six and takes him.

Number seven, Tampa Bay needs a safety. They get the best in the class Minkah Fitzpatrick with the number seven pick.

A Chicago-- this-- this just works out. Notre Dame-- Chicago's a Notre Dame town, so this will be a very popular pick. They got Trubisky. They like him. They have a running back they really like.

They need a pass rusher, and they can use an offensive line to protect their guy. And people are saying Quenton Nelson is the best, maybe the safest, pick in the draft, no bust potential. Why not give, for that inside pressure, Mitch Trubisky, a Notre Dame kid? This will play really well in Chicago.

Now, this is where it gets very interesting. This is where I-- I-- I don't know what San Francisco's going to do. Now, I think they're in a potential trade-down spot.

Here's what we know about San Francisco. They went heavy on defense in their first three picks last year. I know this. I trust my sources.

They would like to give Garoppolo more support in the offensive line, some perimeter play. They want to give him some help. OK?

And Saquon Barkley, I believe, is going to be the one player that is going to fall in this draft, because the way it works, man, is sometimes Aaron Rodgers dropped, because there were about 12 teams that year that didn't need a quarterback. And they were all drafting from, like, 12 to about 22.

I think Barkley's the kid that drops in this draft, and in an incredibly rich running back draft. And I think San Francisco, if they don't trade down, gives Garoppolo a home-run hitter. Don't kid yourself. Kyle Shanahan, who is very clever, lot of looks, lot of motion, lot of sets, gets a chess piece, a home-run hitter.

And number 10, Oakland, I think they take the safety. They need big-time help secondary-wise.

They have a bad secondary. A lot of people think Derwin James is the best safety. Raiders need him.

Now, I think Gruden wants to help Derek Carr. But this team has an absolute need in the back end of their defense. They really have issues back there, and Derwin James is a great player.

So that is my mock draft. I don't buy that Saquon Barkley's going number one either. Either did Joe Banner.