Colin Cowherd explains why college basketball won last night

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Colin Cowherd offers up his opinion on the state of college basketball after the Villanova Wildcats won another title with their victory against the Michigan Wolverines last night.

COLIN COWHERD: Last couple of years Gonzaga is winning more games in the tournament. You want to know who's winning in college basketball now? Gonzaga, Xavier, Villanova, Carolina. It's not that they don't have an NBA player or two. But they're the anti one and done.

The market always adjusts. We get afraid of things in sports. Oh my gosh, one and done. It's not dead.

You still need a really good coach to win. And you still need an NBA player or two to win. Villanova has that. But we do this constantly. Fear in America is commerce. We're all in danger, here come the asteroids, Y2K, bird flu, one and done, speed limit, carmageddon.

And the TV ratings go up and the radio ratings go up, and the newspapers sell and the blogs explode. Look, look, fireworks, wow. The same thing for breakfast this morning. I had oatmeal.

I've been eating it for 30 years. Villanova won last night due to good coaching, teamwork, and experience, which five years ago I was told didn't matter anymore. It always has and it always will.

Congrats to the best team in college basketball and currently the best program in college basketball, which didn't sell it's soul, which didn't buy the hype, which went against asteroids, Y2K, got to change, you'll get left behind, we're all in danger. Villanova's said no.

We're going to recruit kids who love college basketball and aren't just looking at us like an airport getting on the next flight to the pros. We're going to get kids who are coachable, who work their ass off at practice, play even harder in games. Experience, coaching, smart passing won, college basketball won last night.