Colin Cowherd predicts that the National Championship will be decided by 1 point

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Colin Cowherd previews tonight's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament championship game between Villanova and Michigan. Will there be an upset?

- Tonight's the national championship. There's three college basketball programs it's hard for me not to root for, because I know and like their coach. Gonzaga, Mark Few, Duke, Coach K, and Villanova, Jay Wright. I used to cover him. His son's name is Colin, you can ask him. His wife was pregnant. I was a local sportscaster, and the wife said, oh, I like the name Colin. It's a true story. He's gone on to have a nice, nice career. Good kid. All Colins. Very predictably disciplined.

So tonight, Villanova goes in as a big favorite. Biggest in years. And I think they could be in trouble. I'd like to see them win, because I don't know John Beilein, though he's a great coach. But the entire Villanova brand has always been the underdog. Ohio State and Alabama football-- they're the heavyweights. Duke and Kentucky and Kansas-- they're often favorites. Villanova's brand is that small Philadelphia school. Biggest upset in college history-- Rollie Massimino. Couple of years ago, they hit a shot. Jay Wright, stoic on the sidelines.

They're like the little engine that could, and tonight they're in the championship. And they're a big favorite. And I'm not sure how they're going to react. Michigan's got several things in their favor tonight. A-- Villanova can't shoot as well as they did against Kansas. It's not possible. And B-- Michigan relies on defense and coaching. Those show up every night. Shooting does not. Five reasons I think Michigan can beat Villanova tonight. They haven't lost since February 6 to the hottest team in the tournament. They've been 6-1 in close games. Villanova hasn't been in many close games. There is absolutely no pressure on Michigan. They're playing with house money. Many are surprised they're here. They're the biggest underdog in years. I think they may have the best coach in college basketball, and that's saying a lot that they may have the better coach tonight. Because Jay Wright may be one of the top three or four. And they absolutely play as good a defense as anybody in college basketball not named West Virginia.

Their brand at Villanova has been the dog, the scrappy, the little engine. For the last 24 hours-- about 48, actually, when the game starts-- Villanova will be an absolute dominating favorite. How can you lose? Better team. More shooters coming off a profoundly prolific night of shooting against Kansas. There is no way Villanova shoots like that. There is no way Villanova plays that well. Michigan-- big dog. House money. Great coach. Better defense. No pressure. Has made the championship game, and I would argue outside of their game against Texas A&M, has not played particularly great basketball for long stretches.

I don't know if I have the guts yet-- maybe by the end of the show. This is a one- to two-point game. I don't bet college basketball. If I did, it would all be on the Wolverines tonight. I'll take the team that plays better defense, perhaps the best situational coach in basketball, playing with a kid [INAUDIBLE] Wagner, that maybe the hottest player in the tournament? And a really, really, difficult match-up.

I think it's time for one of Joel Klatt's specialties. I think it's very, very, very, close. This is my almost upset, my almost upset alert. By the end of the show, I may call it. I saw that line-- six and a half-- and I went, no. If I bet college basketball, all my chips are on the Wolverines. I think Villanova's tight tonight. They're in a very unique situation where they're supposed to win. If they don't win, come on-- way better players! Its going to be really, really interesting tonight.