MLB Opening Day: Nick Swisher on the Dodgers going into the 2018 MLB season

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Nick Swisher joins Colin Cowherd in studio on 'The Herd' to talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers on 2018 MLB Opening Day.

- Dodgers have-- they've got some injuries. Justin Turner.

- Saw that.

- I think Seager's hurt.

- Yeah.

- OK, we forget this sometimes, because they don't have a ring. The Dodgers have been dominating a really good division--

- For a long time!

- For a long time! Now they haven't paid it off in the Series. They got there last year. Do you-- if I said to you, National League winner, depth, who is it for you?

- I mean, for me, World Series, I want East Coast-West Coast. I want a Dodgers-New York Yankee World Series. I think that would be great for everybody. They would all enjoy that. But, remember, we hear a lot about the NL West, we hear a lot about the San Francisco Giants.

- Because of their offseason.

- Yeah, and their success that they've had in past years. What? Three rings in five years. I mean, we were talking dynasty at that point. But now, they make a huge splash getting Evan Longoria, Andrew McCutchen, and hopefully, pushing themselves to where they can challenge the Los Angeles Dodgers. Because last year's San Francisco Giants season was not the year that they're used to having.

- Here's something about the Dodgers, though. Cody Bellinger comes in and Chris Taylor come in, and they start the year like minors, and they take the sport over. Yeah, I watched Cody Bellinger in the postseason. If you threw him anything off speed, he was lost.

- Right.

- I have a hard time believing he's going to back up last--

- I mean, look at Aaron Judge when he first got to the show, you know? I mean, he was all over the place, and he went home, made some adjustments, and that very next season, I mean, this man was second in the MVP voting. So I do know what you meant.

- Don't you have concerns about Bellinger and that big, long, striding swing?

- Yeah, but the kid's got swag, man. You know, he's young. He's learning on the fly, you know? I feel like that organization needs a guy like that. We can relate to a Bellinger. Like, wow, man, this kid looks like he's having the most fun out of anybody out there, and he's hitting home runs at a record pace.