Destiny Aligned: Colin Cowherd reveals why Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel are more alike than ever

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In his reaction to a Yahoo Sports report about the Buffalo Bills moving up in the NFL draft ahead of the New York Jets, Colin Cowherd reveals a unique similarity on why he believes Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel are more alike than ever before.

- Interesting story today developing. And I believe there is real truth to it Yahoo Sports had a story. We know Cleveland has the number one pick. And the Jets have moved up to number three. Three, OK.

The Giants have the number two pick. But-- but there are strong indications they would be willing-- they don't need a quarterback, they say. They don't want to draft a quarterback. They'd move down and got a bunch of picks.

The two teams most likely to move up would be Arizona and Buffalo who, right now, are literally desperate at quarterback. There's a lot of teams in the NFL that don't have a great quarterback. Buffalo and Arizona are desperate.

So Yahoo Sports, in its latest mock draft, has Buffalo moving ahead of the Jets. You know what that means, right? That means Sam Darnold one, Josh Rosen two. The Jets gave up all those picks to get tiny, marginally athletic, cocky six-foot Baker Mayfield.

Now I've been told by you-- let me just say this. You have lectured me over the last couple of months, Colin, it is not fair to compare Johnny Manziel to Baker Mayfield. It's not fair. Not fair, right? You've told me it's not fair, even though they're the same size, same style

A&M and Oklahoma had offensive minded coaches their final year in school. Numbers are the same. They're both cocky. Even though the similarities are obvious, you have told me it is unfair to compare them.

They're both cocky. They're both small. They like to run around. They're both same part of the country, had offensive college coaches in really profound college systems. OK, OK. I won't compare them.

If-- this is amazing. If Buffalo or Arizona moved to the number two spot-- and Yahoo Sports, this morning says Buffalo will. And they take-- you'd move up for Josh Rosen.

Let me-- let me show you Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel entered the NFL with a defensive head coach, Mike Petten. Oh, wait, so would Baker. Both teams traded picks to move up. The longtime journeyman starter as mentor to both, Brian Hoyer, Josh McCown. Both first, round under-sized. And both franchises, Jets and Cleveland, have been literally incompetent with quarterback.

So you don't want Mayfield and Manziel to be compared, even though they look alike, play alike, sound alike, cocky alike. You do realize, if this story is true, that Baker Mayfield is moving up to third with the Jets, Cleveland and the Jets are the two NFL franchises that have butchered the quarterback for the last 10 years. They can't get it right. They give up picks.

Manziel and Baker Mayfield would be entering the NFL virtually in the same operational system, same defensive head coach, same pressure, because multiple picks traded to get him, same undersized quality, same northern part of the country, cold, windy, where you want a bigger guy. And by the way, one more thing. They both wore headbands.

So you don't want me to compare Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel, even though they have college similarities. If this story is true and Baker goes to the Jets, him entering the Jets is exactly the same as Manziel entering with the Browns, small, undersized guys, northern weather, giving up picks, defensive head coach, historically weak franchises who appear chaotic at the most important positions.

You don't want me to compare them. How can I not compare them if this story and this mock draft has any validity, and I believe it does? It is the exact same weather, chaotic franchise, position, size, skill set, college offense. It's incredible. Literally how--

And here's what's freaky. Mayfield would go to the Jets. And the current starter is Josh McCown. Do you realize, by year two in Cleveland, who was the veteran with the Browns? Josh McCown. Excuse me.

OK. You call me crazy. But when I saw that story this morning, I thought, oh, my god. It's becoming the same exact jet stream, lack of a better word. Not New York Jet, jet stream. Same part of the country college, same attitude, same size, same skill set. Moved to the NFL, operationally weak, defensive head coach, undersized, northern part of the NFL, giving up picks. Wow, it's the same guy.

But I've been lectured now for a couple of months, I can't compare the two. Then I get the headbands. How do I not compare the two? Good lord, how do I not compare the two?