Colin Cowherd says the Indianapolis Colts hit a ‘grand slam’ in their trade with the New York Jets

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Colin Cowherd reviews the trade that sent the third overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft from the Indianapolis Colts to the New York Jets. Which team will benefit most from this swap and how are other teams affected?

- So we said on Thursday, the Colts had the number three pick and didn't need a quarterback. That gave them incredible leverage. We said, we thought the Colts were going to trade out on Thursday of the number three pick to Arizona, to a team that needed a quarterback-- Buffalo, Arizona, Denver. Well, it was the Jets who also need a quarterback.

So when you get the franchise quarterback, right, it gives you incredible leverage. So the Colts only had to move down from the third pick to the sixth pick and then got three additional great picks. Grand slam for the Colts, who all they want to do since Chris Ballard becomes the GM year ago, is just get more good players for Andrew Luck. Get Andrew healthy and get him a bunch of young, good players and grow for the next 10 years.

So the plan is working out perfectly for the Colts. Now, I was for a team moving up, like Buffalo because they had additional picks. I was for a team like Arizona moving up. I'm not a big fan of the Jets moving up. Now I know they need a quarterback but here's the problem-- they didn't move ahead of the Giants. Now the Giants haven't, over the last month, given us any inclination they want a quarterback.

Joe Banner, former Eagles President, tweeted yesterday, It's reasonable to assume the Giants turned down the same move that basically Indianapolis got. Meaning they love a quarterback or they made an awful decision. Their actions up until now say they're not picking a quarterback.

I don't think-- I think the Giants want to pick a quarterback. I think the Giants need a quarterback. They don't need him next year, they have Eli. I think they like Josh Rosen and I also think the Jets like Josh Rosen. And I believe Josh Rosen is the second best quarterback. And I think New York Jets or Giants is a great fit for him. But the Jets moved up and they still have the Giants in front of them.

And my question becomes, if you're the New York Giants, do you let your in-town rival take a franchise quarterback who you also like but you're a little reluctant to draft him because the blow back on Eli Manning last year was pretty severe? And the Giants are a blue blood franchise that didn't like all that pushback.

They're conservative, the Giants are oh, my gosh, we're getting blowback from the media and sports radio and we don't like it. And we're ticking off the Eli Manning family. And we don't want a quarterback.

I think the Giants know they need a quarterback. I think they like Josh Rosen and now the Jets across town are going to have for 10 to 15 years. Don't kid yourself. Do not kid yourself on this.

The Lakers and Clippers, it doesn't matter if they're in the same conference, their rivals. The Mets and Yankees are rivals. The Rams and Chargers, they're rivals. It doesn't matter if you're in the same conference, it doesn't matter.

The two soccer teams in LA and New York are rivals because you're competing for PSL dollars, season ticket dollars, advertising dollars, suite's dollars. And even in a city like New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, there's only so many of those suite holders to go around and so many corporations to beg for money from and so many rich people in a city that can buy season tickets. You are always competing for the suites and the ad dollars as an owner.

Don't kid yourself, the owners, they got their eyes on the money. The GM has their eyes on Coach and draft picks. The coach has his eye on the players. The owner of a team has his eye on the money. Advertising money, suite dollars, PSL, equity we're building. What could I sell my franchise for?

And so the New York Giants now, who I think truly want Josh Rosen and like him but are afraid of the blowback it will create for two years with Eli Manning and the Manning family, they're American football Royalty. I think now they're sitting there thinking, do we really want the Jets to have the guy we want and have to watch Rosen for the next 10 years?

Doesn't matter if you're in the same division. Doesn't matter if you don't play them every year, you're competing against each other in a city. The Mets and Yankees are competing for ad dollars, those big ads on the outfield replay screen. They're both trying to get, you know, Goldman Sachs or Lehman Brothers or Smith Barney or whoever. They're both trying to get United, Delta Airlines American Airlines.

Those companies only have so many dollars to put up on replay screens in America. And then the Yankees and the Mets are competing against them. The other thing I don't like is by doing this move, the Jets showed their hand, they could have had a deal in principle with Indianapolis and not shown their hand.

But by showing their hand, they give the Giants now weeks and weeks to prepare for a move. It also makes the number two pick really valuable. Because we know Cleveland's taking a quarterback at one and we know the Jets are taking a quarterback at three. So for those teams like Arizona and Denver and Buffalo that want a quarterback, it gives the Giants a ton of leverage.

Jets-- you're already been looking up at the New York Giants for 50 years. You don't want to give your crosstown rival that leverage. The Giants could end up getting seven picks for that pick now. Because everybody in the league knows that Cleveland, one, and the Jets, three, are taking a quarterback.

So this is the one team that scared me. And by the way, I heard a Jets fan tell me this weekend-- oh, boy. He said, well, we'll just we'll take Saquon Barkley. Excuse me? You're going to give up three great picks for a running back in a running back rich draft? That would be so Jets.

Like, people will give you a pass for giving up a bunch of great picks. You got to take a quarterback. You can make an argument, you could give up multiple picks for a great pass rusher. You do not give up three great picks for a running back in a running back rich draft.

I think Indianapolis hit it out of the park-- a grand slam. I think the Jets showed their hands. And I think the Giants now have a lot of time to figure out what to do with that incredibly valuable number two pick.