Colin Cowherd’s 2018 Mock Draft 3.0

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Colin Cowherd has the latest update to his 2018 NFL mock draft. Find out who he likes to go No. 1. Plus, find out where Baker Mayfield lands in mock draft 3.0

- My third mock draft. This is my third, I'm going to give you my top 10, then I'm going to tell you who 11 is. And remember that number, 38% of teams will or should draft a quarterback. So, here we go. Number one, Sam Darnold. Tyrod Taylor is nice. They don't think you're going to build around Tyrod Taylor. What they're doing is building a roster around him. They got Jarvis Landry, the wide receiver.

They are now upgrading at running back and corner back. They are going to go, and they're filling in all these spots, and hand it to Sam Darnold, number one. They should. He is the closest NFL prospect. He's big, strong, trunky, worker, tough kid, no diva, no ego, yet smart. Sam Darnold, the Cleveland one.

Number two, I think the Giants should take a quarterback. They're not going to, I'm told. Saquon Barkley. So, they get Nate Solder at left tackle. That's a legitimate top five left tackle. Saquon Barkley's the home run hitter. Little Reggie Bush there. Can catch, can run, can blow by people. Not a 28 carry a game guy, but then they have an elite left tackle, an elite home run guy. They're going to stick with Eli for at least two more years. And they've already got what I consider good defensive personnel. Some guys had off years, but a very good secondary and they have a pass rush. Saquon Barkley second.

OK, John. You know I'm going to go revolutionary here. This never happens in mock drafts. I am saying there's going to be a trade. Arizona is going to trade with Indianapolis. Indianapolis needs players. Arizona's going to move up and get Josh Rosen, the quarterback, out of UCLA who was being nitpicked to death. He throws a beautiful football. His prototype is Matt Ryan, and Matt Ryan's been to Super Bowls. Price should have won a Super Bowl. So, Arizona moves up to the third spot. Indy takes over their pick and gets several other picks.

Number four. Cleveland has Sam Darnold. Now they have a star receiver. They're going to take a guy many believe is the can't bus player in the draft, Quenton Nelson, interior offensive lineman from Notre Dame. Joe Thomas just retired, so I have changed my pick on Cleveland. They're not going to put Sam Darnold behind an offensive line that just lost their pro bowl left tackle. They will upgrade. They got their receiver in Jarvis Landry. Now they're going to give him a 10-year starter on the interior line. Quenton Nelson, the Cleveland number four. Denver at 5.

Denver has Case Keenum and my belief is Bradley Chubb is the best available player and pass rushes and pass rushers are hard to find. They got one in Von Miller. They're going to get Bradley Chubb because they're going to believe he's just too good and too certain not to draft. Also gives them eventually, maybe some leverage down the road. If Von Miller wanted to go, they have another elite pass rusher, Bradley Chubb.

The Jets are six. They're going to similarly, they got McCown in Bridgewater. They need a quarterback, but they have two now. I believe, much like Denver, they're going to say, we got to take Calvin Ridley, we got our quarterbacks. We may not love them, but we're going to go for the best available explosive dynamic perimeter player. Nobody else has Calvin Ridley in their top 10. I think he's the best receiver in a week's receiver class, runs good routes, tough, stays available. Jets, go Calvin Ridley. They got a bad receiving core and not much of a running game. They got to give Bridgewater and McCown something to use.

Then I think Tampa, which needs an offensive lineman, but Quenton Nelson's gone. Goes Minkah Fitzpatrick. And their theory is he's the best available player in the draft. Some think, I'm one of them, he may be the only can't miss guy in this draft beyond the Notre Dame offensive lineman.

Number eight's the Chicago Bears. They go after an emerging corner Denzel Ward Ohio State. Everybody in this league can use a corner. Chicago can really use a corner. OK John. I have another trade, John. Another big one. San Francisco, which again, like Indianapolis, needs multiple players, is going to trade out of the first round. Buffalo, one of those five desperate teams for a quarterback, A.J. McCarron's not their future, moves up and takes Josh Allen, a quarterback with the San Francisco pick.

The Niners move down and take Buffalo's pick and get several other premium picks. And 10, the Raiders, take Roquan Smith, a linebacker from Georgia, who you saw play in the national championship game, really fast, a play-maker. They're really bad at linebacker. They are really bad in the secondary. They need play-makers. The weakness of the Raiders is their back seven. They got very average linebackers and very average secondary.

Now, we talk about Baker Mayfield. I have Baker Mayfield therefore, going number 11 to the Miami Dolphins who Tannehill is off in injury. So, I got Donald one, Rosen three, Josh Allen nine, and Baker Mayfield, 11. Four quarterbacks in the top 11 picks.