Colin Cowherd unveils how Drew Brees’ physical in Miami forever changed Saints football and the city of New Orleans

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In his discussion with Holly Sonders, Colin Cowherd unveils how Drew Brees' physical with the Miami Dolphins forever changed the course of not only the Saints' organization, but also the city of New Orleans as well. Has Brees made more of an impact than Tom Brady?

- I want you to think about Drew Brees for a second. Drew Brees-- his big ears-- were in the Peyton Manning-- Tom Brady years. Drew Brees has signed for the New Orleans Saints for a couple of more years. Here's the impact Drew Brees has had on football, not just pro, but college. Alabama's dynasty is because of Drew Brees. Nick Saban wanted to sign him in Miami, and the team doctor said no. The Dolphins eroded-- Nick moved to college.

Drew Brees is a Dolphin-- Nick Saban isn't in Alabama. He won New Orleans a Super Bowl. If he would have stayed in Miami or been allowed to sign Tom Brady's dominance in the AFC East, he'd won every other year. 70 coaches have been fired since Saban arrived in the SEC. That's because of Drew Brees. Peyton Manning would have three Super Bowls, not two. Brett Favre could have won a Super Bowl with the Vikings.

And, oh, by the way, every quarterback who's 5' 11" that is considered a top prospect gets drafted because of Drew Brees. In fact, Jon Gruden said years ago about Russell Wilson-- there was a quote. Jon Gruden working the draft-- multiple sources was asked about Russell Wilson. He said, "The only issue is his height, and we use Drew Brees as the classic example. If you just look at one inch or an inch and a half, that's the height difference in Russell Wilson-- Drew Brees."

He was the example. Today he is the comp for Baker Mayfield. College-- pro-- multiple cities-- multiple legacies-- multiple teams. Multiple coaches have been affected by Drew Brees. And I'm going to roll a piece of tape from yesterday. A Saints offensive lineman is about to retire. This is the impact he has on his teammates.

AUDIENCE: Oh my gosh.

- Yeah. Tom Brady deserves all the credit. Brett Favre's one of the most interesting quarterbacks of my life. And Peyton Manning-- I'd love to see him work at Fox. He was one of the smartest, best quarterbacks of my lifetime. But timing's a funny, funny thing. What spanned that last 8-10 years-- do we realize how great Drew Brees is? I think nine quarterbacks have thrown for over 5,000 yards in a season-- nine seasons all time. I think Drew Brees has five of them.


- Five of them-- little short-- didn't have the cannon arm. Think of his impact to the city of New Orleans-- Saban's dynasty-- Peyton an Favre's legacies-- Russell Wilson being drafted due to him-- all the SEC coaches fired. Tom Brady is not getting first-round buys for 15 years if Drew Brees, a doctor on the Miami Dolphins, pass the physical. It changed the Dolphins forever-- they're still reeling. And it changed the Saints forever. And the city-- they're still flourishing.