Colin Cowherd predicts the top 10 picks for the 2018 NFL Draft

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Colin Cowherd breaks down how he believes the first 10 picks on the NFL Draft will shake out. Find out who he thinks will go number one.

- You cannot go to work thinking Josh Allen from Wyoming, who completes 56% of his throws in that conference, is number one. So here is going to be my mock draft, first time ever. Number one is going to be Sam Darnold.

Even the Browns can't screw this up. He's thick. He's trunky.

He's smart. He lives for football. He's passionate.

He's big. He's got the arm. He's a playmaker.

He completes over 60% of his throws in a legitimate conference. He's been in big games. He's better in the fourth quarter than first. Even they can't screw this up. Cleveland takes Sam Darnold.

Number two, the New York Giants take Josh Rosen. Don't screw around. Pat Shurmur, the new coach, is an offensive genius.

You give him Josh Rosen, let him sit behind Eli for a year or ship Eli out of town. You have got the guy that can go toe to toe with Carson Wentz 20 times in the next decade. He's a smart coastal kid. New York City will eat him up. And you give him Shurmur, they're going to be conjoined at the hip for a decade and win a ton of football games.

Number three, the Colts-- they could go in different directions. I think they take Ezekiel Elliot with maturity-- Saquon Barkley, Penn State running back. Remarkable talent, smart, tough, fast, elusive, can block, can catch-- he is Ezekiel Elliot, but a grown up.

No problems, world class kid-- and don't you owe Andrew Luck a backfield mate after what you've put him through? You could go get a defensive end. You owe Andrew Luck a guy that can carry it 21 times, and Andrew Luck doesn't have to throw it 34 times. He can throw it 26. You owe him that.

Number four, Cleveland-- Cleveland is going to take maybe the best player-- I mean, the safest player to take in this draft, Minkah Fitzpatrick, a safety for Alabama. He's all world. You're going to have Sam Darnold leading your offense and Fitzpatrick leading your defense.

This kid's for real. He has no bust potential. He really is a special player. He'll be your defensive captain within a year.

Number five, Denver already acquires Kirk Cousins. So they're not going to get a quarterback. What they're going to do because they have good defensive personnel, they're going to help Kirk Cousins because Kirk Cousins has shown in Washington he's a better quarterback with Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson, a playmaker on the outside. And they'll draft Calvin Ridley, a wide receiver from Alabama. Now they could go to the offensive line, and I think that would be a good pick too. But I think they're going to give Kirk Cousins a star playmaker at wide receiver in Calvin Ridley.

Jets have six. Jets would like to take a quarterback, but in windy New York, you can't go with Baker Mayfield. They're going to draft their Lawrence Taylor.

Bradley Chub is a defensive end, ironically also from the state of North Carolina like Lawrence Taylor. Listen, they cannot roll the dice on a 5'11 kid from Oklahoma who played football in a pillow fight conference. They're going to go get their LT, Bradley Chubb, tremendous pass rusher from North Carolina State.

Tampa Bay's got a lot of good players. They have an atrocious offensive line. It's the only part of Tampa I don't like. They have addressed their receivers.

They've addressed their defensive line. They've addressed their secondary. They could use a running back, but Barkley is the only kid that you can draft in the top 10 picks.

I think they go out and get Quentin Nelson, a guard from Notre Dame, who is many believe the Zack Martin of the draft. Notre Dame had a very good offensive line this year. This kid is the best of three really good NFL players on that line.

Tampa Bay's offensive line is one of the worst three or four in the league. Jameis Winston has protection. It helps him and assists the running game.

Number eight is Chicago, a dark horse team to make the playoffs next year. I love Chicago's running backs and I like their O line and they have a pass rusher. I also think they have decent corners.

Now they have an offensive minded coach in Mitch Trubisky. They get him the closest thing to Percy Harvin the NFL has seen. Christian Kirk, wide receiver, Texas A&M-- Trubisky, they lost Alshon Jeffery.

Trubisky's got his backs. This is a very underrated offensive line. They get Christian Kirk.

I know it's two receivers in the top 10. I call them icing. They fit both these situations.

San Francisco 49ers went heavy on defense. This year, they'll go heavy on offense with the exception of the first pick. They will go get Ohio State's Denzel Ward at corner.

They also drafted last year a corner from Colorado. He's promising. San Francisco has a very good front seven.

They are below average at corner. Kyle Shanahan, an offensive coach, elevates offensive personnel by his very DNA. They will, keep your eye on San Francisco in free agency, maybe make an upgrade on the offensive line and the number two receiver spot, number three receiver spot. So San Francisco is going to go offense mostly in free agency in the draft, but I think they'll not be able to pass up in elite corner Denzel.

And finally, I have Oakland taking a player that virtually none of you watched-- Marcus Davenport, a defensive end. Everybody thinks Gruden loves offensive, but their O line is pretty good. Derek Carr's good. They've got a star wide receiver and they have Khalil Mack.

What Oakland needs to do is get people off the field. They've got to get the ball back to Derek Carr and that offensive line and Jon Gruden. And the way to do it is to draft a pass rushing specialist.

So Gruden will go defense with his first pick. And there you have my mock draft. So can we archive that? There it is, my mock draft.