The 8 most valuable QBs in the NFL according to Colin Cowherd

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Colin Cowherd has his list of the eight most valuable quarterbacks currently playing the NFL. Find out which signal callers he think are worth every penny.

COLIN COWHERD: The four things that generally get you paid are, what's your talent? Do you have some talent? What's your replaceability? If you leave can we replace you? How many years do you have left? Are you in your prime? Does the company you work for think, I can really build around this person? And the other thing is, do they just feel like physically and emotionally you are important to the organization, they like you as a fit to their organization?

And I was talking about this. If you look at the NFL-- and I said if I was paying on those four criteria, talent, replaceability, years left, and importance to the organization, here are the eight people. I think that first of all the-- the person I would pay the highest is-- is Aaron Rodgers. And it would be because Aaron Rodgers is simply in a city that doesn't have free agent allure. He is an irreplaceable talent.

I think Russell Wilson is the second highest paid guy in the league. Now again, you say, how is this possible? He's not the second best player. First of all, he's a top five or six quarterback. So he is good. Listen, they have a bad o-line. That o-line would wreck anybody else in this league who couldn't avoid-- he literally saves this franchise. They have an old, expensive defense and a bad offensive line.

- He scored 32 of their 35 touchdowns this year. 32 of the 35 touchdowns.

COLIN COWHERD: So of course then his talent's there. His replaceability is invaluable in this league. Their offensive line is atrocious. If he didn't have those legs and athletic ability, they're a four-win team. And I'll give you my other. I think Jimmy Garoppolo is wildly Important. Why? Because the franchise, they have six-year deals for the GM and coach. They've got to get the quarterback right. He brings in a wealth of knowledge from Belichick, best defensive mind in football. He now has the best offensive coach in football, arguably, Kyle Shanahan.

Now I like Andrew Luck more than Garoppolo as a talent. But how many years left? I don't know with that shoulder. I like Carson Wentz more than I like Garoppolo. But they just won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles. He's clearly to some degree replaceable. Brady, Big Ben, Brees, there are questions about what I'd pay them based on, how many years do I have left?

But it's funny when you start talking about, you know, what is somebody worth? If you gave me the eight quarterbacks in this league and I had to pay them-- I'll tell you, I love Andrew Luck, but his shoulder now? That's a big question mark. I like Carson Wentz. That organization just won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles. To me, Rodgers and Russell Wilson are the most valuable. I'd pay them the most in this league.

And I'll put-- now you think I'm nuts with Garoppolo. But I've got to tell you, when you look at this organization, they have a very good front seven defensively. They literally were atrocious. And then he started and they went 5 and 0. So the talent's there. He is clearly irreplaceable right now. He has 10, 12 years left. And I think in the organization, from his look to his talent to the Belichick connection in Silicon Valley, I think he is going to change that franchise. He is there Montana.