Colin Cowherd: ‘Magic Johnson has a crisis on his hands this morning’

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Colin Cowherd talks Lonzo and LaVar Ball. Will Magic Johnson end up trading his rookie guard to get rid of his father's influence in L.A.?

- Yeah, at first it was kind of funny. LaVar Ball's kind of a loud mouth, and he's kind of goofy. But he did get three sons into UCLA. And I always said, you know, as a dad, I'm not going to judge him because if I could get all my kids to get free rides to UCLA or Stanford or USC or, you know, any great school, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, heck, that's a hell of a dad. I was never going to criticize him.

But then annoying and kind of funny has gotten really, really serious this morning. Magic Johnson's not happy, and Magic Johnson has a crisis on his hands this morning. LaVar Ball has come out and been quoted, "I want all three boys to play for the Lakers. If not, Lonzo will not resign."

This is not a small thing, folks. This morning, Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson, in my opinion, are sitting in a room considering making calls to trade Lonzo. Don't kid yourself. Think about what's happening this weekend in Los Angeles. It is the NBA All-Star weekend.

So Magic Johnson, who's got two spots available, who can do max money for two stars, and they're all in LA this weekend, OK. This is his Miss Universe Pageant, and he woke up with a cold sore. This is a problem.

It's 22 degrees in Cleveland. LeBron's coming to LA, forecast 77 and sunny, palm trees everywhere, a beach near the stadium. Of course, it is. It's LA.

This weekend is a showcase. All the stars are in Los Angeles, and I've got this pretty well-sourced. Magic's going to put on quite a show.

Magic is going to make himself very available. Magic wants to let everybody know how great Los Angeles is and how they treat their stars. Oh, he won't do anything illegal. But Magic Johnson was going to make this the weekend of weekends.

Now Magic Johnson, the biggest story of the weekend, is answering questions about a kid who's not playing, Lonzo Ball and his dad, who's out of the country in Lithuania. This is not good. Listen, LaVar Ball's not going to stop. I've always known that.

Getting attention in the media, they're his weapon. He's kind of weaponizing the media, using them to get attention. I get it, and most of the stuff he says is irrelevant. It's just a loving dad yapping and being a goofball, which he is. Loud and goofy, that's what he is.

But this is different. This is demanding the whole Ball family plays, or Lonzo's not resigning. OK, Lebron's got no interest joining this circus because LaVar is not going to stop. His business is getting known. And the dream scenario for LaVar is LeBron coming to town, LaVar taking shots at him, and LeBron eventually getting so frustrated he punches down. That's what they call it, punching down, and that elevates LaVar Ball's status.

Magic Johnson has a real crisis on his hands this morning, and I would be-- I would be surprised if he and Rob Pelinka aren't somewhere in those Lakers' offices talking about the possibility of trading Lonzo Ball. Because Magic's all in on landing LeBron, don't kid yourself. Paul George, Klay Thompson, those are appetizers. Lebron's the meal ticket. LeBron shifts the paradigm, changes the world.

Paul George is a nice player, Klay Thompson, too. Lebron's on his way to his eighth straight final. LeBron and Paul George, eventually add Klay, Brandon Ingram, Kuzma, yeah, that team wins the West.

So LaVar Ball, initially, three boys into UCLA, comments were goofy, Big Baller Brands. Saturday Night Live mocks him. Yeah, he's relevant. This is a crisis, and it's especially a crisis because this weekend is All-Star weekend.

And the Lakers and Magic have been planning this weekend for over a month to showcase the city, the best restaurants. They got it all laid out. This is what it's like to be a star in Los Angeles. Paul, LeBron, Russell, this could be you.

Why don't you drive up to Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, the mountains, looking down at the city. You could helicopter in like Kobe. And instead they've got a dad who's out of the country, yet remains in the news. It is not sitting well with Magic and Rob Pelinka this morning. This is a crisis.