Colin Cowherd takes a deep dive into the Patriots roster going into Super Bowl LII

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Colin Cowherd talks New England Patriots and their roster. Las Vegas sees New England and the 18 undrafted players on its roster as the favorite to win the big game.

- Listen to this story on Bell Belichick. This is very Martha Stewart, very Chopped. I'll read you the opening line in the story. There's a left-footed punter from Louisiana Tech, a Super Bowl hero who once worked at Popeye's, the son of a Texas high school football coach who ended up dating Miss Universe, there's a linebacker from Kent State with a strong case for the Hall of Fame, and a receiver who starred at lacrosse in college. With Bill Belichick making his eighth appearance in the Super Bowl as head coach on Sunday, each successive trip has prompted ways to further quantify and illuminate his genius as a coach and executive.

The most glaring number for Belichick that separates him from the rest of the National Football League, 18 players on the Patriots 53-man roster-- this easily leads the league, it's triple most teams-- were undrafted. 18 guys on his team were undrafted. He's Martha Stewart. He's the chef on Chopped. You give him four ingredients, he makes a souffle. That's amazing.

Here's the colleges-- you know, wide receivers are the most talented guys in the NFL, right? For years and years, we believed that the greatest athletes in the NFL are wide receivers. Here's where the Patriots wide receivers went to college in the Super Bowl-- Oregon State, Texas Tech, something called Monmouth, Rutgers, and Kent State. By the way, Philadelphia's receivers-- USC, Florida, and South Carolina. You've heard of the SEC, it's pretty good.

Jacksonville last week, their wide receivers went to USC, Penn State, Oklahoma, Auburn, and Miami. And their running backs went to LSU and 'Bama. Bill Belichick is working with receivers for Monmouth, Rutgers, and the ninth most popular college in Texas. And so, whenever I see people say, oh, man, Philadelphia Eagles. You've been watching the Eagles all week wear those dog masks, they're the underdog.

OK, you're the underdog in Vegas. In your locker room you've been talking trash, you think you have more talent. You're looking at Danny Amendola, and Chris Hogan, and Kenny Britt. You don't respect those guys, be honest about it. Tom Brady didn't blow you away physically. You look at New England as a bunch of misfits, and you should. Because New England's always viewed themselves as the underdog. They don't pay attention to the Vegas line.

Even Tom Brady, their star, sixth-rounder, chip-on-the-shoulder, I have to outwork everybody. The Vegas line may make Philadelphia as the underdog, but the greatness of this dynasty is New England is a compilation of underdogs. Even their coach has been in the shadow of Bill Parcells, and he was fired in Cleveland. That's what people don't get about this dynasty.

Doesn't matter what Vegas says, in the New England locker room they view themselves as underdogs. Philadelphia thinks they're better, talking trash like they're better, making promises like they're better, and here comes the receiver from Monmouth, and Rutgers, and Texas Tech, and Oregon State. Philadelphia's wide receivers-- USC, five-star, Florida, five-star, South Carolina, five-star recruit, pampered, babied, beloved. Just saying.