Colin reveals why Malcolm Butler’s INT in Super Bowl XLIX defines the Patriots’ dynasty

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Colin Cowherd reveals why he thinks Malcolm Butler's pick off Russell Wilson to seal New England's win in Super Bowl XLIX defines the Patriots' dynasty.

COLIN COWHERD: I think of New England's dynasty-- it always comes down to one play. The one play to me that has always defined the last 17 years-- it's not a Brady play-- it is the New England Super Bowl when Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson. It was a great defensive play.

When asked after the game, about the play, Malcolm said, oh, we knew it was coming-- that if Russell Wilson planted his right foot, this was the play they would run. That interception wasn't about athleticism-- it was about preparation. That play-- none by Brady-- defines New England's attention to detail, and in turn, defines their entire dynasty-- that play against Seattle.