Doug Gottlieb’s concise argument that Michael Jordan is a greater all-time athlete than Tom Brady

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Doug Gottlieb talks Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. Find out why he thinks Michael Jordan is greater than Tom Brady.

- But let me make the most concise, maybe obvious, argument that will only point out that Tom Brady is great, OK? The first thing is, I don't actually think Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever. Now-- and I think that's part of the clever and interesting way of calling him the best team sport athlete of all time is you're not putting his quarterbacking skills up against Aaron Rodgers, who has won a Super Bowl, albeit only one.

But in terms of checking every box, seems to check them better than Tom Brady does, with the exception of the one big box, which is number of Super Bowl wins. But it's the ultimate team sport. And I don't think you can fault Aaron Rodgers for not fielding an onside kick in Seattle, which kept him from another Super Bowl.

And look, we have been robbed. We never got LeBron versus Kobe in the NBA Finals. And we've never gotten Tom Brady versus Aaron Rodgers in a Super Bowl. We have been robbed. It's not happened.

Tom Brady had 466 yards passing and led the greatest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl last year. He was great. He's had three Super Bowls in which he's had over 100 passer rating. He's been tremen-- I'm not sitting here trying to diminish Tom Brady.

But let me explain why he cannot match up to Michael Jordan. Couple of ways-- first, there's the obvious. Michael Jordan got there six times, didn't lose any, didn't lose any. Second, there's a 10-year gap. Remember, the Patriots-- if you look at these stats for Super Bowls, remember, there's a 10-year window between Super Bowl wins, 10 years.

So if you are the greatest team sport athlete of all time, why a decade without bringing home a championship? Is that too much to ask? Maybe you don't-- but here's the-- to me, the cementing part of the argument. How many of you actually remember Tom Brady's first Super Bowl against the Rams? Rams were the greatest show on turf. Rams were defending Super Bowl champions. Do you guys remember it?

Like, I remember it because what the Patriots did that day was soon replicated. It used to be, every team was introduced. They either introduced the offense or the defense one by one, right? And the last player introduced for the St. Louis Rams was Kurt Warner, who comes running out of the field, and there's a huge rush and noise, the NFL's MVP.

And then, the New England Patriots were introduced in mass, and now, the New England Patriots. And it was like, what? The Patriots had this clever thing of like, hey, it's about team. It's not about guys. We're not about glamor. But you know what it wasn't about? It wasn't about Tom Brady.

Brady threw for 145 yards in his first Super Bowl win. That was a team that was designed to-- if I said Jacksonville Jaguars, it's too harsh. But the idea was, they knew they had an inexperienced quarterback. They knew he wasn't the strength of the team. So he just didn't lose the game. He Trent Dilfered it, all right? He managed the game. That's what he did.

Early in his career, he managed the game. And so, if you're going to compare championship to championship, in addition to Michael Jordan not just winning championships, but being the MVP, the-- unquestionably, the best player on the floor. He was always the best player on his team, always the best player on the floor when he got to the sport's biggest games.

And to that, I would say, cements him as the greatest team sport athlete of all time. I get it. It's a different sport. It's one guy out of five, as opposed to one guy out of 11, one guy out of 12 versus one guy out of 53. It's a really hard-- but we're making that comparison.

And if you're going to make the comparison that Tom Brady, because he has a higher winning percentage, is somehow-- is somehow better, because he's won as many championships, is somehow better-- the easy argument was, was Tom Brady always the best player on his own team, let alone the best player on the field? And the answer is no.