Brady vs Jordan: Colin makes his pick

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Colin Cowherd offers up his take on Tom Brady's legacy. Will he be considered the greatest team athlete ever if he wins another Super Bowl title?

COLIN COWHERD: I'm taking tomorrow off actually. I'm getting ready a long weekend for the big Super Bowl week. You know. You know how I feel about New England and Brady. And you know how I feel. In fact, I'm fairly obnoxious. I understand that. It drives many of you crazy. But aren't you happy I at least like the best quarterback of all time, and I don't talk about Andy Dalton every day?

So here's the thing. In our lifetimes, Michael Jordan is considered you know like the greatest athlete ever. But if Tom Brady also wins his sixth Super Bowl, I got to be honest with you, it's only a two-person conversation now as the greatest team athlete ever.

I got to be honest with you. I thought about this a lot last night. Brady wins his sixth. He's the greatest team athlete ever. Because to be the greatest, you have to beat the greatest. Wasn't that always the knock on Tiger Woods?

Hey, Jack Nicklaus had to beat Arnold Palmer and Gary Player, and you listed all those great golfers, and you always criticized Tiger Woods. Who did Tiger beat? I mean, Phil Mickelson? Sergio? I mean, who is really great? That was always your criticism of Tiger.

To be the greatest, you got to beat some greats. Ali beat Frazier, Foreman, Norton. Mike Tyson couldn't beat Holyfield or Lennox Lewis. He beat Trevor Berbick and an old Larry Holmes.

To be the greatest, who did you beat? Tom Brady beat two teams-- the St. Louis Rams, who already had a title, were on their way to a dynasty. Brady ended it. The Seattle Seahawks already had a championship, on their way to a dynasty. Brady psychologically and physically ended it. They were never the same after that loss. Peyton Manning and the Colts on their way to a dynasty, Tom Brady never let it happened.

Michael Jordan beat Utah twice in the finals. Even when he retired, they couldn't get to the finals. He then beat Portland, Phoenix, and Seattle. Those group of players never won titles. And the Lakers team he beat, Kareem was done and, Magic was done right after that. Michael could never get past the Pistons and the Celtics when they were in their prime.

Brady went into the teeth of that Seattle defense in its prime and owned it. And into the teeth of a St. Louis dynasty in its prime and beat it. And in the teeth of Peyton Manning, many consider-- many consider the greatest quarterback of all time-- they do many-- and he never let the dynasty become a real thing.

Brady also won Super Bowls in a sport with regulated violence. He didn't have Gronk one year. Edelman. Hightower. Players constantly hurt. And Brady has also done it for so long. Michael's reign was 91 to 98. He also had a two-year gap. He retired. Tom Brady has been dominant for 17 years.

You know what Michael has, and he'll always have it, because basketball is a global game, and it celebrates and encourages marketing and star over team. Michael had Spike Lee and Nike and Be Like Mike and the logo. And we all know that marketing manipulates people. That's why we buy products, right? Commercials. That's why we buy certain things. Impulse buys at the grocery store. We go to certain coffee chains. It's advertising. It's market manipulation.

Tom Brady has only gotten big in marketing in the last 12 months. Jordan's career formed by Spike Lee and Nike have made him a global icon. And there is so much mythology with Michael. Just think about this. Can you imagine if Tom Brady retired twice in the middle of his prime-- once because of gambling rumors. You wouldn't hold it against him?

What if LeBron retired after Miami to take a break? Wouldn't hold it against him? That's what marketing and mythology create. You forget about the holes in Michael's game. When Brady wins his sixth, he'll have beaten and ended dynasties. Michael beat the Utah Jazz twice.