Colin Cowherd’s 3 reasons why Drew Brees should strongly consider testing free agency

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Colin Cowherd talks Drew Brees. Find out why Colin thinks the New Orleans Saints QB needs to use leverage now that he has it.

- I believe, especially if you're a pro athlete-- now, I can do this for a long time. Christine can do this for a long time. Doctors can be doctors for a long time. Teachers can be teachers for a long time. But athletes can't be. And so I think, when you're in a profession where there are certain limitations on the length of it, take advantage when you rarely have leverage. I don't think that's being greedy. That's what the owner of the company does.

I've had-- you know how many bosses I've had leave me for better jobs? You know how many owners I've worked for who have sold things or bought things for better opportunities? I can do this for a long time, but a pro athlete-- and let's talk NFL here. In a sport that's got regulated violence, there are limitations to how long you can play. So when you have leverage, I would strongly encourage you to use it.

And yet, quarterbacks never do in the NFL. Drew Brees, right now, first, second, third-best best quarterback in the league says he doesn't plan on testing free agency. Now, he can't be franchised. He doesn't plan on testing free agency. Drew, have you seen Jacksonville's defense? Have you see Denver's defense? Have you seen Minnesota's defense? They don't have a quarterback for next year, yet.

If Drew Brees hit the market, Minnesota with Drew Brees, next year's Super Bowl is set from the NFC. Jacksonville, Denver, Arizona would all make bids. They would make bids. I mean, Minnesota has got Case Keenum, often hurt, Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater, and some forth-string guy. You don't think they would make a bit on-- a bit on Drew Brees?

Think about this. In America's number one sport, NFL, the number one position, quarterback, and Drew Brees is the third best at it on the planet-- there are days he's the best-- nah, I'm not going to test the free agent market. Colin, he loves New Orleans. He likes Super Bowls more, I assure you.

Remember in 2010 when Peyton Manning was a free agent, when he hit the market? I mean, Pete Carroll drove to the airport. Jim Harbaugh flew cross country. And he was coming off a fourth surgery. Brees is healthy, just came off one of his best games ever. I don't get it.

Let me give you three reasons why Drew Brees should strongly consider hitting the market. Number one, New Orleans had three losing seasons before this season. This is not New England. This is not Green Bay. This is not even Pittsburgh. They are hot and cold. They're now hot. It won't last.

Number two is, Drew Brees lost Sunday in large part to a coaching staff mistake, where they called a time out late and didn't tell a rookie safety, hey, kid, wrap him up. Don't go for the pick. Don't go for the interception. Yeah, this play was off a time out. That's not good coaching. There at least as culpable as the kid.

And number three, Sean Payton is not aging terribly well. There have been multiple incidents this year, a throat slash, mocking the Minnesota crowd, he has gotten the choke sign at Devonta Freeman, yelling at Dirk Koetter, penalty at the end of the first game against Atlanta. I'm not going to dell-- dive too deep into this. It's juvenile. If a high school football coach did that, the principal would call him in on Monday, or the athletic director, and say, hey, Coach, scale back.

If a college coach did a Skol chant, a choke sign, yelled at an opposing coach, had a penalty at the end of a first game against Atlanta, a college athletic director on Monday would say, Coach, scale it back. Three, four strange, emotionally juvenile incidents with Sean Payton this year. No idea what's going on there. Have my suspicions, but it's time to, at least, test the market.

OK, this is not New England or Green Bay, where they're in the playoffs every year. They were a mess for three years. They've had five defensive coordinators in 11 years. Your coach has gone zany. And that coaching staff did a poor job of supporting you on Sunday late in the game. It is absolutely remarkable to me that a smart guy like Drew Brees, who I'm sure has a really smart agent, could test the market and he's not interested.

Hey, man, he's a legend forever in New Orleans. And I'm not saying he doesn't love the city, but he loves Super Bowls more. They all do. You don't get this good without being concerned about yourself, number one, and your family. And Drew is and should be. But it is remarkable how a marginal NBA player can hold a franchise hostage, and that a star quarterback, who could go to Super Bowls with the right fit, at a perfect exit point won't even consider free agency. Four words-- I don't get it.