Colin Cowherd knows the truth about Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin

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Colin Cowherd offers up his opinion on Ben Roethlisbger and Mike Tomlin after the Pittsburgh Steelers were eliminated from the 2018 NFL Playoffs.

- I have this sourced. Big Ben is massively frustrated with Mike Tomlin. That was the seventh time he has called out the coaching staff-- that was the most direct.

It's not that he called out Tomlin, it's when he called him out-- on his radio show, after he had read, or heard, Tomlin under attack. Folks, you just don't see this. You do not see Hall of Fame quarterbacks calling out their head coaches regularly.

And why is this happening? Because there's five or six bulletproof coaches in America-- you're not going to get them fired. Saban, Belichick, Coach K, you're not going to get them fired-- Tomlin's one of them.

And Ben-- I've got it sourced-- isn't happy and he saw this as a rare opportunity. He's so frustrated with the lack of discipline-- to pile on. Look at the seven times he's called him out. Rare opportunities when the fan base is mad at Tomlin. Isn't that when you'd support a coach you like? He sees him as vulnerable.

By the way, limited partners are now pushing for a new coach-- also concerned about the team's lack of discipline. Which is what Ben is telling those close to him. We're not a group of grown-ups, the Patriots are.

Listen man, if you're into somebody, you support them in crisis. If you're not into somebody, you don't. But if you want him out, you go after them at their most vulnerable point. Ben didn't clobber him after the game when he was the most emotional.

My belief-- he waited to see Tomlin get buried and piled on. If you think Big Ben and Tomlin are all tight and good-- no they are not, that was clear. He saw it as an opportunity-- an opportunity that rarely presents itself with the Rooney family-- to maybe get something done. Probably told it won't, so I imagine now, he'll go back to publicly supporting him.