Colin compares Drew Brees to Aaron Rodgers, Reveals why Brees is better than Tom Brady

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Colin Cowherd compares Drew Brees to Aaron Rodgers and reveals a litany of lifetime stats that supports why he believes Brees is currently better than Tom Brady.

- I want to talk about Drew Brees and compare him to Aaron Rodgers. And the reason I do that is because I often hear that Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback in the league. And some people dispute it with Tom Brady. But you know, who never gets mentioned is Drew Brees. So I just want to add some context to this. Let's say Drew Brees wins the Super Bowl this year. I do believe they're the best team left. Why is he below Aaron Rodgers? This is not hateraid. Let me just offer context. Drew Brees dealt with Hurricane Katrina, displaced the team. Aaron Rodgers never did. That was catastrophic nationally, internationally.

Drew Brees dealt with bountygate, had his head coach removed for a year. He's dealt with historically bad defenses. 2012, Saints defense, worst in league history. I often say what you inherit in life matters. If you come from a family of utter chaos, a college degree means more than a CEO job if your dad's Trump to me. Drew Brees inherited a laughing stock of the franchise. Aaron Rodgers did not. Collin, Aarons never had the good defense. Drew Brees, in 12 years, he's had a bottom 10 defense eight times. Aaron in 10, had a bottom 10 defense twice. There are playoff records. Brees is 7 and 4 in New Orleans. Aaron's nine and seven in Green Bay.

Both good home field advantages, advantage Brees percentage wise. Brees has the fourth highest playoff passer rating ever. Rodgers below that. Look at what Aaron inherited and what Drew inherited. One was Favre built and road tested. One was a laughing stock. One guy dealt with bounty gate and Hurricane Katrina. Now, Aaron Rodgers is more fun to watch. He's the Jazz musician. He's making it up as he goes. Drew Brees, a bit more mechanical. I'm not denying that at all. But when you inherit a mess and during your stay for 12 years you deal with catastrophic situations other contemporaries don't, I'm not sure why is under Aaron Rodgers.

Let me just add this, and I think this matters, nobody could deny-- and I'm a Brady homer-- that he's had an edge, having the Bills, dysfunctional Jets and Dolphins in his division. Certainly, made it easier.

Drew Brees has been in a tougher division. In the last 20 years, the Bears, Lions and Browns are the NFL's reigning messes. Two of those teams, Lions and Bears, are in Aaron Rodgers' division. And the Vikings, as good as they are now, can never get the quarterback figured out post Fran Tarkenton.

Aaron Rodgers is an all timer. I am not in any way denying this. But if Drew Brees wins another Super Bowl, I'd find it really hard to put him below Aaron Rodgers. I'm going to put something up on the screen here that is remarkable. And I didn't know this this morning. Drew Brees leads the NFL in nine stats all time. All time. I'm not going to read every one. My radio audience, I'll give you a couple. Career completion percentage, 300 yard games, 400 yard games, passing yardage per game, consecutive games and a TD pass, consecutive 4,000 yard seasons, consecutive 5,000 yard seasons. He leads in all of them. All of them, rarely with a good defense, catastrophic in season disasters, and inherited a laughing stock.

This dude-- you saw him Sunday-- is getting old. And this moment this morning, he's a better quarterback Tom Brady. He is. Not all time. Today, this morning, January 8, you put him up against each other, I think Brees is better. What's the date today? January 10, my bad. We just got out of the holidays. I'm still fuzzy. Drew Brees is remarkable not just because of Sunday. I just think this happens sometimes. Because of big names, where you're located geographically, you're not as fun to watch. I think we've kind of forgotten just how great all time Drew Brees is.