Colin Cowherd’s 5 reasons why the Jon Gruden hire may work for the Raiders

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Colin Cowherd offers up his take on the Oakland Raiders signing Jon Gruden to a 10-year contract. Find out what Gruden has going for him going into his second stint with the team.

- But here's five reasons why it may work and not be a disaster. I don't know what level it'll work. I don't think Super Bowl work but could be really interesting. Number one is Derek Carr obviously. Kid's really good. I've said in the NFL there's two players that share a lot of Aaron Rodgers qualities. Tony Romo did, and Derek Carr does. They're clever. They're cagey. They're not big. Romo's not big. Derek's not big. Aaron Rodgers is 6' 2", 220. They're not big. But they're cagey. They got the arm. They got it. They got the feet. They're good pre-snap. And there's just sort of a quality late in games. Just stuff-- they just kind ad lib their way to success. Romo, Rodgers, and Derek Carr. So Derek Carr's the number one reason this puppy could work. Can't win in this league without a top quarterback.

Second thing is-- and this is a big advantage-- he knows college talent. Jon Gruden's been working the NFL draft like a decade for ESPN. He's been watching all this film. He's been interviewing with all of these coaches. He's been watching kind of the parade of SCC guys coming into the NFL. He knows college talent. That's a real advantage. Remember how good Pete Carroll was coming into the NFL out of college? first three years first three drafts? He knew all these guys. It's a big advantage for Gruden over a lot of NFL guys. Belichick's not sitting there breaking down a lot of these tapes. Gruden has to prepare for six to eight weeks for the NFL draft telecaster, NFL draft weekend. That's the second thing. First, Derek Carr. Second, he knows the draft. He knows college talent.

Number three is the game has become much more offensive-minded. And Gruden's an all-in offensive guy. You watch his quarterback camp. Listen, the game now, there's a reason the Bears fired a defensive coach, then hired an offensive coach. There's a reason the Niners and the Rams hired offensive coaches. There's a reason the Colts are looking for an offensive coach. It's an offensive game. He's an offensive guy.

The fourth reason is-- and this is a real advantage-- his brother's in the NFL. His brother's a head coach. That's a big reason why. Now, Jon's going to be in the AFC, and his brother Jay Gruden's in the NFC. So his brother can share secrets. You get on the phone. He's been doing this for years. Hey can this guy play? Nah, we had him in camp two years ago. He's a bum. You know what an advantage it is if you're not in the business for nine years, but your brother's a big hitter in the business? You can lean on him a ton. Jay and Jon are close. They're in separate conferences. Jon can get on the phone and say, what coach is a bum? What coach is good? Do you buy this scout? Do you like this backup tight end? What about this right guard? That is a big advantage for a guy that's been out of the league nine years.

And the fifth reason is Jon's got a 10-year contract. He's got a 10-year contract. And what does that mean? That means Jon can go and get coaches, and they know they can move their families to Vegas or Oakland and not get fired in a year. That's why I told the Cleveland Browns, retain Hue Jackson for one more year. You're not going to get a great coach anyway. You're Cleveland. You're the last place anybody wants to go. But if you keep Hue Jackson for one more year, it does show your owner's willing to create some stability. Remember, you're hiring men who are overwhelmingly married with daughters and sons in high school or junior high. Instability's the biggest turnoff. I'm not moving my family somewhere if I can't get four to five years committed.

So the five reasons-- Derek Carr, knows college talent, game now leans toward his strengths, brother's a current coach, and the length of his contract.