Colin Cowherd explains why Drew Brees went 3-0 against Cam Newton this season

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In his discussion with Kristine Leahy, Colin compares New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton after their game Sunday in the NFL playoffs.

- Remember a few years ago when Tim Tebow got really hot, and he went on this ridiculous winning streak. And if you watched the games they were all the same. Tebow would be terrible for three quarters, and then he would come back and have one drive, and Matt Prater was the field-goal kicker, and he'd kick it. And Denver's defense was great and Matt Prater was great. And they were winning these games like 17-14 and 16-13 and 10 to 9. And I remember saying at the time, that's not sustainable.

A franchise quarterback, what makes a franchise quarterback, is Aaron Rodgers who can win with no running game, who can get to a Super Bowl with no defense. Because the chances are, if you're a quarterback for 15 years in this league, you'll have a good defense about six years, a bad defense about four, and then you'll be in the middle the rest of them. And you'll have a great running game, of the 15 years, three years, you have a pretty good running game four, and then for four or five or six or seven, you'll have an average to below average running game.

Tim Tebow was winning when everything was perfect. Matt Prater was the hottest kicker in the league, the defense was unbelievable, you were playing kind of a weak schedule. By the way, Tebow went 0 for 2 and got blown out twice against the Patriots. So I never look at a quarterback's winning streak. How are you winning? The great quarterbacks don't need everything to work out perfectly. This is why Drew Brees is 3 and 0 this year against Cam Newton.

Yesterday, Drew Brees had no running game. He's an old man. He had no running game. He never had the football. He only had at 22 minutes. He sat on that bench most of the game and watched the other team meaning, an offensively rhythmic team never got any rhythm. Oh, but Colin, he's got such great weapons.

Well, he couldn't use the running back weapons. They couldn't run because Carolina stacked the box. They never had the ball. His team had four times as many penalties. He'd already beaten Carolina twice with blowouts. So he is the leader of the team, had to galvanize his troops and convince them all week and all day at practice, hey, this Carolina team's good even though we've blown them out twice. And he still won.

Tom Brady, no Julian Edelman, number one seed. No Gronk, Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers, no running game, ever. Win, win, win, no defense. Win, win, Super Bowls. But Cam Newton, yesterday, had the ball the entire game, had a at least competent running game, 4 and 1/2 yard to carry, team only had two penalties all day, Cam loses, and oh, you know, it's receivers. I mean, he just doesn't have the receivers.

Oh, so Cam has to have everything perfect to win. He's got to have a good running game and a competent defense. By the way, Carolina's defense this year in total yards was seventh. Better than New Orleans. This is what I've always said about Cam. Any time Cam loses there's always an excuse. Drew Brees could have used a multitude of excuses yesterday. He had no running game. He'd already blown him out twice. His team had four times the penalties.

I mean, he was sitting, watching the game. They had the ball 22 minutes. Carolina had it almost 38 minutes. Cam was in the red zone all day. Cam's offensive line did a pretty good job. They had a running game. New Orlean's offensive line was mauled at the point of attack. So, yes, if everything is perfect for Cam, and every receiver, and everybody this, and Cam's got no talent. I don't know, Greg Olsen's a pretty good tight end. That's talent. Christian McCaffrey looks pretty good to me. That defense, pretty good to me.

Cam's had coaching stability, better than average defenses. McCaffrey's a hell of a player. Greg Olsen's a good tight end. Funchess, when he's healthy, he's fine. But again, Drew Brees, this is why he's great. Because the great quarterbacks in this league win when they don't have their weapon. I mean, Drew Brees went into that game and had no running game. They literally decided, we're not going to let you run the ball at all.

Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl without a star receiver or tight end. That was pre Jimmy Graham, and Percy Harvin only played in the Super Bowl. That's why I've always been a fan of Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl, the defensive-minded head coach, a below average offensive line, and no receiver or tight end of note. That's what.

Andrew Luck gets to the AFC Championship with a loopy owner, a terrible GM, an average coach, and no Pro Bowlers. Well, but he has that one wide receiver. Folks, the New York Giants have great wide receivers. How many games they win this year? You're not-- receivers are not dictating who wins and who loses in this league.

If it was about wide receivers, the Pittsburgh Steelers would never beat the Patriots. The Patriots always beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wide receivers do not elevate teams. Do-- They don't. They're the icing not the cake. The cake in Carolina is good. The coaching's good, the defense is good, they usually run the football, they've got stability, the cake in Carolina is good. The icing, the receivers, nah, average. But let me shift gears. And that, and, and I'm, I'm starting by saying, basically, Drew Brees yesterday, that's why he's great. He had a lot of things go against him. He still won.