Colin reacts to Jon Gruden’s 10 year/$100M deal with the Oakland Raiders: ‘I don’t think this is a home run’

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Colin Cowherd reacts to Jon Gruden's 10 year/$100M deal with the Oakland Raiders, citing numerous examples where coaches like Barry Melrose were given the keys to the kingdom and failed to meet such lofty expectations.

COLIN COWHERD: Jon Gruden is the new head coach of the Raiders. It will be announced Tuesday. It's the longest coaching deal in NFL history-- 10 years, $100 million. The deal is no ownership, it is salary. Remember, it's moving to Nevada, no state tax like Florida, where Gruden lives. He likes money.

I'll say it again, say it out loud, biggest contract for the poorest owner, and a guy who hasn't been in the League nine years. I do not think this is going to be a home run. I think it's interesting. I think it'll sell tickets. I think it's fascinating. I can't wait to watch.

I don't know Jon Gruden well, but I like him. And I think he's a terrific, dynamic, broadcaster. But I've seen Barry Melrose do this. I've seen people move out of a sport and try to come back in.

Football has wildly changed in nine years. We don't have huddles anymore. The communication's different, there's no huddles. There's no fullbacks. Rule changes. What college gives the pros. It's a totally different sport, it even looks different on television now with all the camera angles.