Patriots Divided: Colin Cowherd was right about the Tom Brady – Bill Belichick reported feud all along

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Colin Cowherd reacts to the Tom Brady - Bill Belichick - Robert Kraft feud on the New England Patriots, exploring who's to blame on both sides and how the Pats will move forward with or without The Hoodie.

- I've watched every Patriot move. I used to live in New England for 14 years. None of this makes sense. By the way, there's another part of this story that is unbelievable. I believe Belichick had that meeting, left, with a history of knowing his legacy and holding grudges, and said, forget it, I'm out. Gave away his two quarterbacks. Also in this story, Belichick has suddenly-- and he's never done this in his career-- has started preparing his coordinators for head coaching jobs. Why? He's leaving, and when he does, Bill's gone, both coordinators are gone, Garoppolo, Brissett gone, and Bob Kraft is left with a 41-year-old quarterback.

I'll read you the quote, here. Belichick is preparing assistant coaches for job interviews elsewhere, something he doesn't do in the past. Kraft has confessed to people in the building that trading Garoppolo might have been a mistake. Oh, yes it was. It was a huge mistake.

You can ask the question, who do you choose, star quarterback or coach? You can ask that question all day, and it's a legitimate question. My belief is you always choose the designer of a system over the star employee of a system, especially when the employee, Brady, is old and past his prime.

Now, there are exceptions. If you get an Andrew Luck or an Aaron Rodgers in their prime years, I would take the star quarterback. Rodgers has won with a team with no owner, no defense, no running game. Andrew Luck went 11-5, 11-5, 11-5, with a bad owner, a bad GM, a defensive coach, and no help. You do take, in my opinion, the star employee, Luck, Rodgers, Big Ben, Brady, in their prime, but once that athlete gets near the end you take the designer of the concept, Belichick.

Kraft let emotion-- here's what's ironic. What New England has been for the last 18 years with Belichick, Kraft, and Brady, is unemotional. Kraft got emotional. Kraft succumbed to emotion. He chose his friend over the better business move. And don't kid yourself, nothing leaks out of the Patriots' building. We can't get anything out of the Patriots' building. And suddenly we have a detailed story, here, that makes Tom Brady look loopy, petty, weird, odd, and small.

You can figure out what side it came from. Stories like this do not get out unless people are leaving. Remember the '9ers story that Seth Wickersham broke? Who was leaving? The owner leaked it to get Harbaugh fired.

This comes from the Belichick side to make Brady look petty, because Brady was chosen by the owner. I don't know if it's Bill, Bill's people, I have no idea. But I know this, when I read the article, Bob Kraft may have chosen Brady, this article does not look good for Tom Brady.