Colin reveals his first 3 picks in the NFL Draft

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After Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen both declare for the NFL draft, Colin Cowherd reveals who should be the first 3 picks in the NFL draft.

COLIN COWHERD: Now let me tell you the first three picks in the NFL draft. This is perfect. If these teams don't do what I say here, it-- they're idiotic.

The first pick is Cleveland. You take Sam Darnold. Even though he grew up on the beach in California, he has sort of a Midwest ethos and a Midwest personality. In a cold division, he's a big, strong, physical, humble kid. He's got a Midwest ethos.

Go to Baltimore, go to Pittsburgh, go to Cincinnati. He's tougher, as they say, than a $4 steak. He's perfect for Cleveland. I know I'm saying that. He's perfect for Cleveland.

Josh Rosen should go, number two, to the Giants. He's coastal. He will not be overwhelmed by the sophistication or the pressure of New York.

He comes from some money. He's a West Coast kid. They vacation in the-- you know, the Nantucket region.

These are smart people. Not to say Darnold's not, but he's a big city kid. He can handle "The New York Times," "The New York Post," the New York media, the New York fans. He's like Eli. He can handle it.

And number three, Saquon Barkley should go to Indianapolis, who has the third pick. They'd be silly not to take him. We all know that every quarterback's better with a running game. Andrew Luck's been looking for a co-host in that backfield for five years. He's finally got one.

And let me tell you, if they draft Barkley, with Luck, write it down. Congrats, Tennesseean Jags. Your run's over. They'll dominate that division for eight years in Indianapolis. Because Barkley's a home run at a running back.