Danny Kanell thinks Baker Mayfield is a better NFL QB prospect than Darnold and Rosen

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Danny Kanell joins Colin Cowherd and Holly Sonders on The Herd to discuss why he thinks Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield is a better NFL quarterback prospect than UCLA's Josh Rosen and USC's Sam Darnold.

COLIN COWHERD: Rosen, Darnold. Who do you take?

DANNY KANELL: All right. You haven't heard me say this yet. I like Baker Mayfield better than both of them.


DANNY KANELL: I knew I was going to get that reaction out of you.


DANNY KANELL: What did you you say about Deshaun Watson just five minutes ago? You said he went from that championship game and he went to-- I think we did the same thing last year with Deshaun Watson. We looked at him, we said-- we picked him apart and we got cute. And you know, the Chiefs said, oh, we like Patrick Mahomes better. And they missed out on that quarterback.

You saw the Bears say, look at Mitch Trubisky. Because I think Mitch Trubisky is kind of similar to Darnold. He was an athletic guy. Didn't play a whole lot. But, you know, had all the intangibles. Pretty good athlete. I think the Bears got a little cute and said, oh, we have potential there. And they overlooked the best quarterback in the country last year in Deshaun Watson.

And I think that's what's going to happen this year with Baker Mayfield. I think he's the best quarterback. I think he's the most NFL ready. And I think you look at the red flags, because they are legitimate. With Rosen, who knows what you're going to get. And if he goes to New York, good luck.


DANNY KANELL: Because that media market, with his attitude and brashness and outspokenness, which sometimes can be a good thing-- they will eat him alive in New York, playing in that market.

COLIN COWHERD: So what bothers you about Darnold?

DANNY KANELL: All right. So what do you not like about Baker? You don't like that he's under six feet.

COLIN COWHERD: He's a two time walk on. He's--

DANNY KANELL: What? But that's the whole thing. He's playing with a chip on his shoulder. Imagine if people said that about Brady. Well, he couldn't beat out Drew Henson in Michigan. I mean, imagine if people said that about Brady.

So here's the thing about-- what about the USC quarterback issue? Like that, to me is almost as bad a sign as it is being under six feet quarterbacks. Because you have a couple. I mean, Carson Palmer had a very nice NFL career.

But you've also had some guys who really flourished, playing with some of the greatest talent surrounding him. Which is, you're a product of the system. It was something that affected me coming out of Florida State.

And I look at Darnold and I think there are some very real concerns about the decision making. I think the fumbles are an issue. But I look at him and I see concern, where if I look at Baker Mayfield, 41 touchdowns. Only five interceptions.


DANNY KANELL: 70 percent--

COLIN COWHERD: Grabbing his crotch. What's going on with that?

DANNY KANELL: I know. But so-- with Baker Mayfield, I will say this. Because I've said this now-- I'm officially on record here with you-- but I think he has to prove it against Georgia tonight. And he has to prove it in a championship game in order for him to buy over the NFL scouts. Because if he struggles everyone is going to say, it was Big 12 defenses. He just put up stats in a league where they just throw it all over.

COLIN COWHERD: Didn't it bother you when he grabbed his stuff? That didn't bother you at all?

DANNY KANELL: It does. I mean, I would sit him down. If I was his dad, I would say, hey, can you stop doing that? But that doesn't, in the bigger scope of things-- I think it's a teachable moment. But I love the chip on the shoulder. I love the competitive fire. I think he talks a lot of trash, kind of like Brett Favre did. Like, Brett Favre was a talker. He loved to mix it up. But he backed it up. And that's exactly what Baker does.