The SEC might have the best team, but the Big Ten is the best conference in college football

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Colin Cowherd explains why he believes the Big Ten has became the best conference in college football.

COLIN COWHERD: Spend money. There is a big difference between Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, James Franklin, Paul Chryst-- by the way, Nebraska just hired the hottest young expensive coach, Scott Frost. Nebraska is now going to be, in the Big 10, much more formidable. They won't be Ohio State good, but they'll be really good.

Is the reason I no longer make fun of the Big 10, the reason-- because we have new information. They went and hire really great football coaches. For years they were cheap. They were hiring coordinators, small school guys that weren't ready for the game.

James Franklin's a world class coach. He won at Vandy. What's Vandy been since he left? Jim Harbaugh got to a Super Bowl. Urban Meyer's won national titles Paul Chryst-- Wisconsin may have the best overall coaching staff, outside of Alabama, in the country.

There's new information, embrace it. The Big 10 now has the best coaches in college football. I mean Lovie Smith isn't even talked about, he got to a Super Bowl and almost won. So when you get new information, you should change your opinion.

Yes, I used to make fun of the Big 10. Now I don't, because they made moves. And they're 7-0, I think they'll go 8-0. And it doesn't surprise me, because I've been saying it all year.

The SEC went cheap on coaches. They may have the best team, in Alabama. But it's no longer the deepest, most balanced, most talented conference in terms of game day preparation, ready to win. When I saw Ole Miss go to Cal and lose, that told me everything. SEC is not what it used to be, even though they may have the best team in the country.