T.J. Houshmandzadeh explains his relationship with Tom Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero and why he’s trusted by NFL players

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Former NFL player, T.J. Houshmandzadeh joins Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy to discuss his relationship with Tom Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero.

- Um, I actually met Alex when I was-- I was in college at Oregon State.


- Don Norford-- Don Norford is the-- he's a heralded track coach from Long Beach Poly.


- Best track coach in the country.

COLIN COWHERD: Did you go to Long Beach Poly?

- I did not.


- But I went to Cerritos College and when I was coming out of junior college, I went up there and trained with Coach Don for a while--


- --because he's-- he's a guru in speed.


- And so at Oregon State, I started having some problems. Just a lot of muscle problems. And the whole year my first year, trainers couldn't figure it out. And nothing-- just couldn't figure out what was going on.

I came home, Don was like, I'm a send you to somebody. We call Alex Dr. G, so I call him Dr. G because you know, his Alex na-- Alex Guerrero. So he had a little office in Glendale, California.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, up by Pasadena. Yeah.

- Yeah, so we go there. I went there and I saw Alex probably four-- four times.

COLIN COWHERD: In his little office?

- Yeah. And I was fine.

- OK time out, were there pills? Was there--

- No, no, no. No pills, he just works on you. He just-- soft tissue. But it's--

- Is it like ther-- physical therapy?

- --physical therapy type stuff. And literally, I-- I had dealt with this pro-- I was dealing with problems for months. I go see this dude four times and I was fine. I was fine. And Don Norford sent me to him.

COLIN COWHERD: OK, so a legitimate guy. So you go to the NFL, did you keep using Alex G?

- I did. And so Willie McGinest-- Willie McGinest was actually the first guy to kind of introduce him to the NFL and the Patriots. He was the first guy. And so that's how Brady got that connection, because Willie Mac would have him come to New England. Willie McGinest went to Long Beach Poly--


- So that-- that wa-- that's how that connection started.

COLIN COWHERD: So Willie McGinest brings him into New England and then Brady just falls for the guy.

- The du-- Alex knows what he's doing, man. He really knows what he's doing. Like, he-- he's a guru when it comes to--

- Is it-- is it-- it ba-- it sounds like muscle tissue--

- Yeah.

- --for aging athletes.

- You don't even have to be aging. I was a teenager and I had problems, and he fixed it. But he understands the body.

- Belichick, by the way-- this whole thing's kind of a mess now, because Tom loves him and Belichick-- apparently he didn't get along with the staff guys in New England. Is it possible that these old medical staff guys on teams don't like this new guy that's got too much power in the facility?

- It's not possible that's what's going on, because every-- we-- they all have jobs. They want to do their job. They want to feel wanted and needed. Well, with Alex there, they're still wanted and needed, but the players are going to lean on Alex more.

Because of-- one, if he's worked on them, they felt what has happened afterwards and the things that he's told them. And you're looking at Brady, who-- conventional wisdom-- he shouldn't be playing anymore, and he's with Brady every day. 365 days a year, pretty much. And he's playing like he's in his 20s still, body is holding up.

- But there's a bunch of stories on this Guerrero guy. That, you know, he believes he can do certain things to concussions, there's no real proof on it. There's been some sketchy stuff.

- But that's hearsay. I mean, who knows if that's tr-- all I-- I speak from experience. When my body was bothering me and I went to see Alex, I was good. And I introduced him to other guys and he saw other guys, and they love him. And I talked to Alex this week, because it was a--

COLIN COWHERD: What's say?

- --it was a player in the NFL that wanted Alex to come see him, that he had never worked on him. And hopefully he's going to go do that.

COLIN COWHERD: So you just talked to him?

- I just talked-- today is Friday, I think I talked to him Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe?

- What does he-- can you tell us what he's saying about that whole New England mess?

- Well, it ju-- it's just what you said. It's--

- The old staff members, they feel like he's encroaching on their real estate.

- Yeah. And from my understanding it, I think Belichick was trying to negotiate a type of-- I wouldn't say a peace treaty-- but some type of way that they could co-exist. And he s-- and Alex still have access to the players. And for whatever reason, it's hard because the players for the most part want to be with Alex.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, Brady does, clearly. Brady is--

- Don't even put Tom in this. The other players want Alex to work on them. And the trainers and whoever else, they don't want that.

- Belichick must at least-- I mean, he's let Guerrero around the program for years. So Belichick must be OK with the guy to some degree.

- He-- he-- OK with it? He believes in him. He's probably worked on Bill, so Bill knows. He knows what Alex can do.