Colin Cowherd praises the Patriots and their system after Sunday’s win

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Colin Cowherd talks New England Patriots after they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 15 of the NFL season.

- New England prepared, didn't bite on the fake, didn't call a time out like they did against the Seahawks, let the Steelers swim in chaos. The Seahawks, like the Steelers, appeared disorganized, appeared frenzied. New England, why didn't they jump on that fake by Big Ben? Because the Cowboys bit on that fake last year against Big Ben and the Steelers. And Antonio Brown got a touchdown.

But the Patriots system, well-coached, situationally, in my lifetime the greatest football team was absolutely prepared, didn't bite on the fake. For the second time in a huge TV moment, let the Steelers and Seahawks swim in the chaos. 4 and 1/2 minutes after that replay, you don't get out of bounds. And then you walk to the line. Pump fake. Big Ben could have thrown it away. You could have kicked a field goal. You had more downs. This, not the officials, this is why New England owns the Steelers. Preparation. Detail.

So if you lose a Gronk, you lose in Edelman, you lose a corner like Darrelle Revis several years ago, the system is in place. That, I mean, listen, here's a little tidbit of how detailed the Patriots are. The Patriots win the toss and they defer. Why do they do that? Because New England-- Tony Romo talked about this during the game-- New England wants the ball to start the second half knowing that fans still getting beers and suds and going to the bathroom are not back to their seats until about five minutes into the second half. Translation-- Patriots get the ball and it's virtually a neutral site or a home game. The crowd's not in their seats yet. They even prepare and out smart teams in the coin toss.