Colin Cowherd reveals 4 reasons New England Patriots will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 15

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Colin Cowherd reveals 4 Reasons Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 15.

- My four reasons why I think New England wins the game. First of all, Brady is 10-2 in his career against the Steelers, including three victories in the AFC Championship. He eats them alive.

He, against Mike Tomlin, is 26 TDs, one interception. OK, that's the number one reason. He has figured out Mike Tomlin, who tends, against New England, to lean to the zone defense, and Brady finds holes in it. That's the number one reason. This is not something without precedent.

The second thing is, let's look at the last couple of weeks. The Steelers' defense, since Ryan Shazier has been hurt, have played seven quarters of football without Ryan Shazier, three against Cincy, four against Baltimore. They've given up nearly 50 points, 650 yards.

And in the red zone against Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco, six-for-six touchdowns allowed. Before that, it was less than 50%. It's not the same defense.

The number three reason, New England is better off ugly losses. If you go back 10 years, New England off a loss is even more focused, 28-5, winning by 13 points. The turnover differential is almost plus-40, and they're wizards in the red zone.

So this has always been one of the most-- in fact, this year is a great example. They are 2-0 off losses this year. One of them, they went down to New Orleans and crushed a really good Saints team by 16. They are great off losses, and they were awful against Miami.

And the fourth reason is, one of the reasons I think Belichick does very well and his analytical style is against emotional coaches. He's 12-5 against Rex Ryan and 6-2 against Tomlin. He is 18-7 against these guys who have had good teams.

And so here are the four reasons. Tom Brady owns the Steelers. The Steelers' defense isn't the same without Ryan Shazier. New England off a loss is money, and Belichick excels against emotional coaches and teams.