Terry Bradshaw reacts to Carson Wentz’ injury: ‘It’s heartbreaking because he’s such a gifted, young man’

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Reflecting on Carson Wentz' season-ending ACL injury, Terry Bradshaw reveals to Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy why mobility in NFL quarterbacks is both a blessing and a curse.

- I actually thought his right leg was hurt on that play because I couldn't see the inside of the leg snapping like it did.


- I thought it was the outside the way that hit him. And then when he walked off, you could see the leg bow out.


- Bow out and bow out. But then, he came back in and he used that great arm, got an awesome arm, and he just stood there and flipping that ball. But it's unfortunate. It is-- no, it's more than unfortunate. It's heartbreaking because he's such a good young man. Howie-- Howie he did an interview with him for the pre-game show, with just-- it's just-- he's filled with humility. Raised-- you can tell he was raised right. He appreciates where he is and doesn't take anything for granted, and just a gifted young man.

And it's just heartbreaking to know the Eagles got their quarterback. And now, he's-- he's out. He's done for the year.

COLIN COWHERD: Now, you know, it's-- it's tough because-- I talked to Michael Vick about this yesterday. He said in high school, and in college, and even in the NFL, every time I ran, good things happened.

- Yeah.

- So Carson Wentz in high school, college, pros, it's hard not to run when God gave you a gift.

- Running-- you-- chances of you getting hurt as a quarterback are greatly diminished when you run from the pocket. You get hurt more in the pocket because you-- you're falling down, they're trapping your knees, your shoulders, you get hit from the blind side, you get buried into the ground. That's where you get hurt. But when you're running, you can see the danger. And he saw the danger. But he is 6' 5", 250.


- And so he went plowing in there. And it's just unfortunate the way the collision happened. But that-- that's one of the things that is to be marveled about him. But what happens-- it always happens-- is once you run, and you're an aggressive player--

COLIN COWHERD: An aggressive runner.

- --you are going to get hurt.


- You are-- ask Michael. Michael got hurt and lost his job with the Eagles. You're going to get hurt.


TERRY BRADSHAW: Gonna get hurt.


TERRY BRADSHAW: Going to get hurt.