Here’s why Nick Saban deserves criticism for his out of conference scheduling

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Colin Cowherd reacts to the Alabama Crimson Tide's loss to Auburn and explains how coach Nick Saban schedules his out of conference games.

- Clemson wins, they're in. They will. Oklahoma wins, they're in. They will. Wisconsin wins, they're in. I'm not sure-- coin flip.

And then the winner of the SEC-- Georgia- Auburn. If you think Auburn's going to beat Georgia, having beat them twice in Alabama, and doesn't get in, what are you smoking? Georgia-- if they can beat Auburn-- Georgia's going to have a quality win on the road against Notre Dame. They're going to have a quality win against Auburn. They're going to get in.

Alabama's on the outside looking in. I don't feel any pity. Now, I do think Bama has a chance to get in. Because if Wisconsin loses to Ohio State, and that's a coin flip to me, then you may have two SEC teams.

But, first of all, I don't feel pity for Nick Saban. I know Nick. I like Nick. He's a great coach. He's an all-timer.

But they could've controlled the situation. Nick's been manipulating college football schedules at Bama for years. They play Mercer twice a year. They have a bye right before LSU.

They always have a weakling cupcake right before Auburn. USC didn't have a bye this year. Their out of conference was at Notre Dame in Texas.

Nick schedules out of conference games only on neutral fields. They're doing it again next year. They face Louisville in Orlando. They face Florida State in, you know, Dallas.

He won't go on the road. By the way, the times Nick's gone on the road this year, they got their ears boxed by Auburn. They should've lost to Mississippi State. And it was a one-score game with A&M. And those aren't great teams outside of Auburn.

So Nick is manipulating the system. Georgia got on the phone and dialed up Notre Dame and went there-- total respect. Auburn got on the phone-- went to Clemson. Win or lose, you had the guts to do it.

Nick has been manipulating schedules. He knows it. His people know it. And nobody in the media calls him out for it.

They go-- they-- he won't go on the road for big out of conference games. There's always a bye before LSU. There's a cupcake before Auburn. And all he does is whine when he occasionally every fourth year gets a tough road schedule in the SEC.

Bama does not have a quality win. Mississippi State? They're going to be unranked this week. LSU, that lost to Troy-- that lost to Mississippi State by 30? Where's their quality win?

Georgia beat Notre Dame on the road. Auburn beat Alabama. Alabama's sitting home right now-- listen, it's over if Clemson wins. And they will. They're in.

Oklahoma wins, they're in. And the SEC Champ wins, they're in. I would take Georgia over Alabama. Georgia will have beaten Auburn and Notre Dame. Those are quality wins.