What the Jets are doing is shocking Colin Cowherd

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Colin Cowherd talks New York Jets after they beat the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night.

- If you look at the AFC playoff picture right now, the Jets are very much in it with the Ravens, Dolphins, Jaguars. So they have played themselves out of getting top quarterback. My coach of the year in the NFL is Sean McVay of the Rams. My runner up is Todd Bowles of the New York Jets. They play real defense. They are surprisingly a big-play offense, despite not having what you believe is great personnel. They run the football. They force some turnovers.

There is not a doubt in my mind that the Jets are the shock of the NFL season, the absolute shock of the NFL season. I did not see it coming. I'm absolutely stunned. I predicted they'd be 0 and 16. I suggested that they were tanking. And it's a real football team with, at least, a competent quarterback, and a very good head coach, and a pass rush.

So what I saw-- two things last night. It was a step up moment for the Bills, and they went flat. And they're not built to play from behind. And the Jets are the shock of the league.