Colin Cowherd reacts to the Houston Astros winning the 2017 World Series

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Colin Cowherd talks Astros and Dodgers after the 2017 World Series came to a close on Wednesday night.

- So yesterday, before game 7 of the World Series, I am driving to the show. And I drive about 5:45 in the morning, LA traffic. And there's a bunch of different radio stations. I'm listening to the XM Sirius. And I'm bouncing around, listening to some baseball talk.

And I catch a guy-- like I turn on a station mid-sentence-- and he's a baseball analytics guy. He never told his name. It went about four minutes before they went to a commercial. I still don't know who it was. And he kept saying, don't trust Yu Darvish. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, great pitcher, great pitcher. He will melt.

And he started giving examples of Yu Darvish and how in his history in these big spots, some times he has not delivered. And this, of course, game 7 of the World Series.

And we know that Yu Darvish of the Dodgers had two World Series starts, could not get out of the second inning. And I was listening to that driving in, and I sort of forgot about it. And then as I was leaving Fox Sports 1 yesterday, and I was done with both my shows, I ran into a certain baseball guy in the building. And he said, don't trust Yu Darvish. And I'm like, aw, I heard that this morning. I should have said that.

In the NBA, they call the word "dog". Andrew Wiggins is talented, doesn't have a lot of dog in him. Kobe Bryant's talented. He's got a lot of talent and dog in him. Metal, toughness, it, chip on the shoulder.

The Dodgers are analytically-driven. Yu Darvish strike outs per nine inning, number one in baseball. Opponent's batting average, top four in baseball. ERA, top 20 in baseball.

Verlander was not having a great year before Houston picked him up. They went with "manalytics", not analytics. He was big money. He was not having a great year. The Dodgers were leery of his contract. And AJ Hinch, who had all these young players in Houston, said he's Justin Verlander. I don't care about this year's analytics. He's Justin Verlander. And AJ said it last night, what bringing Verlander did to this young Houston team.


- When we traded for him at the end of August, the next day he wasn't there yet. But everybody sat up a little straighter. You know, when you hang the Jersey in the locker and it's a big name like that that brings the credentials, so there's an it factor to him, that immediately got guys to really understand that we were in this, like we were trying. We were going to-- we're going to try to win this thing. We have a chance. And then on top of it, he posted and did tremendously well on the field. I think that belief system grew and the credibility grew. And all of a sudden, that championship conversation started that we could really do it.


- By the way, I used to live in the state of Oregon. Richest guy in the state didn't go to Harvard. Just started a company on his own. Nobody believed in him. His name was Phil Knight.

How many of you people work in finance, school, landscaping, architecture, law? That Harvard degree, that's analytics. Who's the attorney in your office you trust? Who's the writer on your staff you trust? Did he go to Princeton? Analytics are important. I like, manalytics. Manalytics are a combination of do the numbers tell you he can play? But if he comes into a clubhouse-- when Kobe comes into a locker room, when Tom Brady, Verlander, when those kind of guys go in, I don't care about their contracts. If you want to win a World Series, get Justin Verlander.

These two teams are both young and both loaded. The managers are fine. The teams both scored 34 runs. Both used starters continually in the bullpen. But Houston said he's expensive. He's not having a great year, but he's Verlander. He's a horse. He's going to walk into this locker room. And guys are going to think, oh my god, there's Justin Verlander.

A-Rod talked about how even these series were, and what the difference was.


- If you think about what happened around the mid-summer classic, they got Verlander. These guys got Darvish. Game 3, game 7 combined 3 and 1/3 innings. To me, that was the entire difference in the series.


- I'm not anti-numbers. I'm not. I get they're important. But if you looked at the trading deadline, Darvish looked better than Verlander, and it's just not the case. Your law office, your hospital, your school, your landscaping business, the media business I'm in. I don't care where you went to school. I don't care about your education level. Are you an it person? Do you walk into a room and change the temperature of it? Can guys ride you in big spots? Yu Darvish is a huge talent, but he was petrified both times he took the mound in the World Series.